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Monday, December 30, 2013

Egypt: Another bomb exploded in Sharqiya Security Governorate

Explosion in Egypt's Sharqiya Security governorate
(Image: The Daily Star)
Blast hit on Sunday, 29 December, the building of headquarters of Sharqiya Security Governorate in the Nile Delta city of Inshas, according to the state’s news agency MENA.

Atef Khedr, Director of Sharqiya Criminal Investigative Office, has stated that the explosion was probably caused by the car laden with explosives. According to the latest reports of Egypt’s military and Ministry of Interior, the cause of the explosion was the remotely detonated explosive device planted in the car parked nearby.

Egypt’s Armed Forces spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Ali has officially stated that there are four soldiers injured as a result of the blast. The explosion has also partially damaged the façade of the building. In his statement Ahmed Ali condemned the terrorist’s attacks targeting Egypt’s military and security forces and citizens of the country and declared that army will continue its fight against terrorist activities in Egypt.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health though has officially reported about three injured persons.

No organization or group has claimed responsibility for the Sharqiya blast yet.

This explosion came on the wave of several blasts hit Egypt during this week. Deadly explosion hit the city of Mansoura on Tuesday, when the two bombs exploded in the building of Security Directorate headquarters. The blast took 16 lives and left 135 injured. The damage caused by the blast was terrible. On Thursday a bomb exploded on the bus station in Cairo’s Nasr City injuring 5 persons.

Sinai based and Al-Qaeda inspired terrorist group Ansar Jerusalem has claimed responsibility for Mansoura bombing, but the government accuses Muslim Brotherhood of perpetrating the attack, Muslim Brotherhood, which was recently officially banned and declared by the government a terrorist organization, denies the accusations.

Colonel Ahmed Ali, Egypt's spokesperson of military
(Image: Ahram Online)
Meanwhile Egypt’s security forces have reported that another explosive device was discovered on Sunday, 29 December, in Northern Sinai, in Al-Arish. Military spokesperson said that security forces have allegedly received the call claiming there is a suspicious device close to the school, so the bomb was successfully defused by security forces.

Egypt has faced a series of terrible terrorist attacks since the ouster of Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy in July 2013 with almost daily attacks against soldiers and police personnel in Sinai. Recent explosions in the cities have sparked panic in the country. IN addition to that pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests and protests of students continue in Egypt, as Al-Azhar students clashed against with security forces and local residents during the marches. More than hundred people, allegedly members of Muslim Brotherhood, have been arrested during these clashes.