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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Breaking: Riot police and Special Forces are dispersing protests in Kyiv late in the night

Riot police trying to disperse protests in Kyiv
(Image: Ukrstream TV)
Nearly thousands of soldiers of Special Forces and riot police are currently storming the protests area near Independence Square trying to disperse protests.

Lines of riot police moved towards the lines of protesters on the streets leading to the governmental district. The barricades erected earlier by protesters have been destroyed by the police and security forces, block posts of protesters also removed. Line of activists, Afghanistan war veterans and politicians stand now in front of the riot police lines urging the soldiers to stop and not to use violence and trying not to let the soldiers move forth.

Independence Square is surrounded by riot police and special forces “Berkut” moving from all the directions leading to Independence Square. Journalists on the scene report the building of Kyiv City Council is surrounded by the police and security forces and is stormed.

Special technique and heavy vehicles are deployed on the scene. Soldiers and riot police are approaching, hundreds of security forces and “Berkut” are already on the Independence Square. People have been pushed to the stage. Protesters and activists remain there trying to protect women and children. Politicians and priests are calling for the soldiers form the stage to stop and not to use violence.

Riot police lines close to Independence Square
Mykhailivsky Monastery located on the upper Street close to Independence Square is ringing the church bells during security forces’ dispersing of the protests, like during the war attacks in Middle Ages.

Situation remains extremely tense. Activists are calling for the people to come to Maidan to prevent taking the Square. Numbers of riot police and security forces are at least two times bigger then numbers of protesters.

Meanwhile European and US diplomats and foreign media are presented in Kyiv, there are several diplomats on the Intendance Square. Dispersal of the protests on Euromaidan is happening just a few hours after Victor Yanukovich met with EU Catherine Ashton and US Victoria Nuland and assured them there will be no force used against protesters. National dialogue with the oppositional forces is also planned for tomorrow.