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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ukraine: Yanukovich has made an official statement regarding the morning bloodshed in Kyiv, 16 hours after the events

Victor Yanukovich, current President of Ukraine
(Image: Lithuania Tribune)
After more than 16 hours of silence since peaceful sit-in on Kyiv’s Independence Square was violently dispersed by security forces and riot police and tens of thousands of Ukrainians gathered for the massive protests against the current regime in the country, Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich has made an official statement published on his official website.
Here is the text of this statement:

“I am deeply offended and resentful with the events that took place in the night on the Independence Square.

I condemn the acts caused the violent confrontation and suffering of the people.
Several days ago I openly declared in front of all Ukraine about support of the peaceful demonstrations and non-violent acts.

Those who didn’t hear the words of the Constitution and the words of Ukrainian President and have provoked with their actions the conflict on the Independence Square will be punished.

I demand from the Ukrainian General prosecution to urgently present to me and to Ukrainian people the results of the immediate and objective investigation in order to punish those responsible for the events on the Independence Square.

I confirm and assure you that we are all united in our common choice of the European future.

Yesterday Summit in Vilnius was ended and it showed that we have with our European colleagues the common understanding of the problems existing in Ukraine and the wish to resolve these problems.

Massive protests on Mykhaylivska Square in Kyiv protesting
against the regime of Yanukovich
(Image: Українська Правда)
Today we need the common work in order to create the program of the measures which could make economic of Ukraine less sensitive, protect the working places, salaries, retirement payments etc., and will allow us to raise these payments in perspective. That was what I was talking about in Vilnius.

I assure you with all my responsibility: all the attempts of the authorities are directed on the eliminating of the crisis processes, strengthening of the economy of our country, improvement of the situation in Ukraine.

I call for each of you to join to this responsible task. Each of us should make efforts for the strengthening of our country and uniting of our society.

I am sure that only this attitude will allow us to achieve the wished goals and not allow anymore more conflicts and confrontations in the society.

I believe in your wisdom and readiness to the common and joint work for the sake of our European future”.

Meanwhile massive protests are ongoing in downtown Kyiv, on the Mykhaylivska Square. People are demanding the fall of Yanukovich regime which lost its legitimacy once and for all after Saturday’s violent dispersal of the peaceful sit-ins of the pro-European demonstrators on Independence Square.

Oppositional forces are calling for the people to gather on Sunday, 1 December, for the nationwide protests and for organizing of the nationwide strike. The main demand is resignation of Victory Yanukovich and of members of Cabinet of Ministers.