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Friday, November 22, 2013

Heads of EU mission to Ukraine claim there is still chance for signing the Agreement

Aleksander Kwasniewski and Pat Cox in Ukrainian Parliament
Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Pat Cox, heads of the European monitoring mission to Ukraine, have met on Friday, 22 November, with Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, currently imprisoned and being held in Kharkiv Prison. During the meeting with the influential oppositional leader Mrs. Tymoshenko European representatives have discussed the current political situation in Ukraine, the decision of Ukrainian government to suspend the process of preparation to the signing of the Agreement with EU and the possible ways to resolve this crisis.

We would remind here that yesterday Mr. Kwaśniewski stated that there will be no signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU during the Summit in Vilnius and expressed disappointment of EU politicians in the actions of Ukrainian government. He also declared the mission finalized and stated the report will be presented to the deputies of European Parliament.

Though the mission was renewed on Friday amid the protests of Ukrainian citizens nationwide in support of European integration and against the decision of Ukrainian government to suspend all the activities in this direction. People have gathered in Kyiv Independence Square on Thursday night after rapid Facebook and Twitter campaign organized just a few hours ahead of the protests and a few days ahead of the demonstrations planned by Ukrainian joint opposition and expected to be held on 24 November.

Ukrainians protest against the government's decision
(Image: BBC)
Nearly 3,5 thousand people have gathered in the night in Kyiv and their numbers are increasing despite the bad and rainy weather. Meanwhile thousands of Ukrainians are going to protests in other Ukrainians cities as well.

European politicians and representatives of diplomatic missions in their turn have stated that EU doesn’t refuse the further cooperation with Ukraine and that all the responsibilities and proposals to Ukraine regarding cooperation and process of integration remain in power. EU politicians are shocked by this strange decision of Ukrainian powers and are waiting official explanations from the government and President who reassured Europeans, Ukrainians and international community that Ukrainian choice to move toward EU is final and has no alternatives.

Mr. Kwaśniewski has declared today that EU doesn’t lose hope that the Association Agreement would be signed. There are several days ahead of the Summit, and if Ukrainian Parliament will gather and vote for the draft laws necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations and meeting the requirements of EU. EU representatives claim they understand the worries of Ukrainian authorities and the fact of the political and economical pressure of the neighboring Russia, but the situation could possible change.
Protests in support of EU integration in Ukraine
(Image: KYiv Post)

“Government stated it is not ready yet”, said Mr. Kwaśniewski. “But we still have a few days before the beginning of the Summit, and some measures could be taken”, added EU representative.

The prolonging of the official mission of EU representatives in Ukraine is a signal of readiness of EU to negotiations with Ukraine, and the Agreement could be signed. In addition to that it’s worth mentioning that the decision of Ukrainian government to suspend the process of preparation to the signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine could be appealed in court.