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Monday, November 25, 2013

EU representatives stated Signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine is still possible

Ukrainians demonstrating for EU integration
(Image: Telegraph)
EU’s ambitious proposal to Ukraine regarding the free trade and association Agreement remains on the agenda of EU, according to the statement of EU official representatives and high ranking officials.

Thus President of European Council Herman Van Rompuy and President of European Commission José Manuel Barroso declared in their official joint statement that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the countries members of EU could be possible signed during Summit of Eastern Partnership in Vilnius planned to be held on 28-29 November.

As for the decision of Ukrainian government to suspend the process of the preparation to the signing of the Association Agreement, the position of EU remains without changes. The doors of EU aren’t closed for Ukrainian people.

Now everything depends on political will of Ukrainian government and Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich who has all the needed political tools in his hands, according to the statement of EU leaders.

Herman Van Romluy, President of
European Council
(Image: Wikipedia English)
EU is sure that Ukraine will get significant benefits signing the Association Agreement with EU, one of the most ambitious documents ever proposed by EU to other countries. The further cooperation with EU will give Ukraine and its economy new chances and perspectives, and Europe in its turn will support Ukraine on its path, said the official statement.

In addition to that Mr. Barroso and Mr. Rompuy have deeply criticizes and condemned the actions of Russian government and its political and economical pressure on Ukraine. Ukraine is an independent country and has its right to choose the directions of its international policies and further development, and no other country should commit pressure in order to defend its own political interests. EU will not use the methods of power and pressure in its relations with Ukraine, stressed EU leaders.

One of the heads of EU monitoring mission to Ukraine, ex-President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski has declared he will try to continue his diplomatic work with Ukrainian authorities in attempt to convince them in the positive sides and chances which Ukraine could get signing Association Agreement with EU. Mr. Kwaśniewski is currently in Ukraine holding negotiations with Ukrainian politicians and authorities.

Meanwhile massive rallies in support of EU integration and against the decision of Ukrainian government are ongoing in Ukrainian capital and across the country. Ukrainians all over the world have also joined Euromaidan – marches of Ukrainian citizens for their European choice and better future.

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of European Commission
(Image: Telegraph)
Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are protesting in Kyiv Independence and European Squares on the main squares of other Ukrainian cities since Thursday, when Cabinet of Ministers has issued a decree stating that the process of European integration is suspended in Ukraine. On Sunday, 24 November, more than 100 000 people have gathered in Kyiv to express their demands and to protest the policies and actions of Ukrainian government. Tens of thousands have gathered in other Ukrainian cities as well.

The protests are ongoing despite bad weather conditions, numerous provocations organized by the authorities and several attempts of security forces to disperse the protests and their tents.

European politicians were strongly impressed by these protests and the expression of political will of Ukrainian citizens and they call of Ukrainian government and President to listen to the will of their people.

It’s worth mentioning that President of Ukraine hasn’t appeared in public yet and didn’t make any official statement. Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara though announced Victor Yanukovich is planning to arrive in Vilnius for the Summit.

Ukrainian oppositional leaders who were among the organizers of the massive protests rallies in Ukraine demand parliamentary session to be held on 27 November. In addition to that they’ve officially submitted to Parliament the draft law regarding impeachment of Ukrainian President and resignation of Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers.