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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Egypt’s Interior Ministry warns against violence and clashes ahead of the day of Mohamed Morsy’s trial

Pro-Morsy demonstrations in Cairo
(Image: The Guardian)
Egypt’s Interior Ministry has published an official statement on Saturday, 2nd November, calling for Egyptian citizens to avoid clashes and warning against any violence on the 4th November when the trial of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsy is scheduled.

It’s worth mentioning that The Alliance for Support of Legitimacy, Islamist umbrella organization demanding reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President and refusing to accept the current transitional government and the political roadmap proposed by the Armed Forces, has called for the massive protests to be held ahead and during the day of trial of Mohamed Morsy.

The massive protests have started on Friday, 1st November, and resulted in the clashes erupted between Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters and their opponents among the local residents. Police and security forces had to intervene in order to disperse the crowds and to stop the clashes. Massive protests and clashes happened in Egypt’s Al-Azhar University and in some other Egyptian universities as well when pro-Morsy students pretested and clashes on the campus and police fired tear gas in attempt to stop the disorder.

Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's former President
(Image: Wikipedia)
Thus Alliance to Support Legitimacy stated the protests are planned to be held till the day of the trial scheduled on Monday, 4 November. The protests and demonstrations are expected to be held in front of the Court building and in some important squares nationwide, in addition to that Muslim Brotherhood and the Alliance are also calling for the protests to be organized in front of the Egyptian embassies in the world.

The Ministry of Interior in its turn stated that the security forces will take all the precautions and security measures in order to secure the public and private property and the citizens and to maintain order during the day of the trial. The Ministry also stated it will stand against any attempt to disrupt the order, to assault the citizens, to destroy the property or block the roads, to attack important and governmental facilities and to use firearms as well.

In addition to that The Ministry of Interior declared they are attentively monitoring all the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and Alliance for Support of legitimacy as the groups have been actively calling for the massive protests.

Meanwhile Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour stated in his recent interview to Kuweiti media source that the protests and demonstrations of pro-Morsy forces are disrupting the order in the country and aim to destroy the stability and any possibilities of the reconciliation. Those protests are also “unpopular” and represent only limited group of the society, added the Interim President.

Adly Mansour, Egypt's current Interim President
(Image: News Info)
Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsy is due to stand the trial on Monday, 4 November, facing accusations of inciting the violence and murder during the clashes in front of the Presidential Palace in December 2012 and also the charges regarding his prison break and escape during the events of the January 25 Revolution in 2011 and alleged cooperation with the Palestinian group Hamas.

Mohamed Morsy in its turn has recently refused to recognize the court due to try him and stated he refuses to recognize the authorities appointed due to the political roadmap imposed by the Armed Forces. He didn’t appoint any lawyers for his defense team as well. Muslim Brotherhood’s representatives stated they will send the team of lawyers to observe the process.

Mohamed Morsy, Islamist backed President, was ousted by the military decree on 3 July amid the massive nationwide protests against his rule and Muslim Brotherhood’s political domination and attempts to seize all the power in the country. He is being held at an undisclosed location since then due to security reasons.