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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Egypt: Clashes broke out between the protesters during commemoration of Mohamed Mahmoud events

Egyptian protesters in Cairo Tahrir Square
(Image: News Time)
Several thousands have gathered on Tuesday, 19 November, in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and in other Egyptian cities as well to commemorate the victims of Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes happened on 19 November 2011 and left 47 people dead and hundreds of injured.

Some revolutionary groups and activists have organized the marches in commemoration of Mohamed Mahmoud victims one day ahead of the actual anniversary, on Monday 18 November, in order to avoid possible clashes between rival camps as Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Egypt’s military both have announced about their intentions to stage the marches on 19 November.

Though on Tuesday some revolutionary activists and groups were also present at the scene including April 6 Youth Movement, Revolutionary Socialists and others, who decided to join Tuesday’s marches too as Muslim Brotherhood loyalists declared they will stage their demonstrations far from Tahrir Square and Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

Protesters gathered in Tahrir Square on Tuesday have been chanting against SCAF which was in charge of the violent clashes erupted two years ago and demanded also the purge of security forces and retribution to the families of martyrs.

Some protesters have been holding the banners with the pictures of the slain demonstrators and have been also chanting against current military backed government and against Abdel Fattah El-Sissi, Egypt’s head of Armed Forces.

In addition to that several groups of military supporters have held their protests too on Tuesday, so the clashes erupted between the loyalists of the Armed Forces and supporters of Abdel Fattah El-Sissi and anti-military demonstrators. The stones and rocks were thrown, and the traffic was disrupted for some time in the area, according to the reports.

The clashes resulted in 12 people injured across the country, with three people wounded in Cairo, one person in Alexandria and other in Mansoura.

Egypt’s interim government has also announced previously about the installing of the monument to commemorate the martyrs of the two Egyptian Revolutions, 25 January and 30 June, and the foundation of the monument was opened on Monday by Egypt’s Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy and high officials. Though this monument was damaged by the protesters in the late hours on Monday as they protested against its erection claiming that the reforms of the security apparatus demanded during long time haven’t been implemented and those responsible for the killing of the peaceful protesters haven’t been held accountable, so the current government including the Minister of Interior have no right for installing of such a monument until the revolutionary demands aren’t met, according to the protesters.

The situation remains tense in Egyptian capital due to the ongoing protests of the rival camps.