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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Clashes erupted in Egypt during Muslim Brotherhood’s Friday protests

Muslim Brotherhood's protesters
(Image: USA Today)
Thousands of Mohamed Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have gathered on Friday, 8 November, in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and other Egyptian governorates for the demonstration aimed to protests against the current interim government and against the abuses of women’s rights. The protests have been held with the slogan “Women are the red line”.

The protests have started after Friday noon prayers with thousands of supporters chanting against the military and the current government and demanding reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as the country’s president. The marches have been organized by the Islamist umbrella group Alliance for Support Legitimacy.

The protesters have been calling also for protecting their rights and the rights of the women referring to the recent events when the sit-ins of Mohamed Morsy’s supporters have been violently dispersed and the following events resulted in mass arrests of the demonstrators including women. Protesters accused the security and police forces of abuses of women and inappropriate treatment of them which deprives their dignity and demanded it to be stooped.  

The marches have turned violent with several clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters and their opponents and security forces as well. Protesters have been throwing rocks and stones; there were also the reports about throwing the firearms at the police personnel in front of the security facilities as well. In some districts protesters have also tried to stop the traffic blocking the roads with the tires.

Police has to interfere and fired tear gas at the protesters in order to stop the clashes and to disperse the crowds.

The clashes erupted in Cairo’s Giza, Alexandria, Suez and some other governorates as well.

Egypt’s Health Ministry has reported about at least one dead, 12-years old boy whose person is still unidentified, and nearly ten injured as a result of the Friday clashes.