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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Clashes erupted during pro-Morsy protests held in several Egyptian cities on Friday

Pro-Morsy protesters in Cairo
(Image: Haaretz)
Several hundreds of supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsy have gathered on Friday on Cairo, Giza and other Egyptian cities as well to protest against the current government and in support of Mohamed Morsy.

The rallies have been organized also as a response to the recent trial verdict recently issued for 21 female pro-Morsy protesters in the coastal city of Alexandria accused of damaging public and private property, attacking security forces and spreading violence. The court has sentenced the girls to 11 years in prison. This verdict was considered being extremely harsh and was strongly criticized by political and human rights activists as well.

Additional security forces have been deployed in the area of the anticipated protests and sealed off Nahda Square in Giza. Nahda Square was one of the main sites where pro-Morsy and Islamist protesters have been holding their sit-ins after Mohamed Morsy’s ouster. The square remained sealed off since the violent dispersal of the sit-ins.

The exceptional security measures have been taken also because of the ongoing protests in several Egyptian universities including Cairo University which is located in the vicinity of Nahda Square. Recent protests of students have resulted in the violent clashes when the protesting students have clashed with security forces. Police have been firing tear gas and tried to stop the clashes. There were dozens of wounded and one student killed as a result of the clashes. The funeral of this protester, Mohamed Reda, was also planned for Friday, after noon prayers.

Pro-Morsy protesters
(Image: Morocco World News)
Islamist Friday protests have been held only two days after the clashes erupted when police forces have been trying to disperse several protests in downtown Cairo on Wednesday. There were non-Islamist protests against the recently issued controversial protest law. The demonstrations were dispersed and several protesters and activists have been arrested and detained in accordance with the recently imposed protest law which is already in power since last Sunday. The law was labeled by many activists and groups as “anti-protest law” as it imposes harsh and extremely strict measures and penalties for any unauthorized protests. The Wednesday protests as the Friday Islamist rallies are considered being also unauthorized according to the new protest law as they haven’t been reported three days in advance.

Islamist demonstrators and supporters of Mohamed Morsy have been chanting against the military and current government and strongly condemned the recent verdict for the female protesters from Alexandria. Protesters have been also demanding reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President.

The clashes erupted when pro-Morsy demonstrators have been reportedly attacked by some unknown persons. The security forces have been firing tear gas and water cannons in attempt to disperse the crowds. Clashes with police forces during the Islamist protests erupted in Giza, Helwan and several other districts of Cairo and in other Egyptian cities as well including Damietta, Alexandria, Qalyubiya and Sahrqiya.

Egyptian Interior Ministry has reported nearly 183 pro-Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood’s protesters have been arrested after Friday protests.