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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy refuses to recognize the court tasked with his trial

Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsy
(Image: WeSpeak News)
Egyptian ousted President Mohamed Morsy officially refused to recognize the court and the judges due to try him on 4th November in the cases of incitement violence and murder during the December 2012 clashes in front of the Presidential Palace and several other cases.

Mohamed Morsy was ousted by Egypt’s Armed Forces on 3 July amid the massive protests nationwide against his rule and the domination of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian politics and was arrested and held in detention at an undisclosed location due to the security reasons.

Mohamed Morsy faces trials in several cases accused of incitement violence and calling for the murder of political opponents during the clashes erupted on 12 December 2012 in front of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis when hundreds of the demonstrators protesting against the controversial Constitutional Declaration issued by Mr. Morsy and giving him actually unlimited powers have been attacked by Muslim Brotherhood’s loyalists what led to the violent clashes and left several dead and dozens of injured.

In addition to that Mohamed Morsy also faces the charges over his escape from the prison during the January 25 revolution events in 2011 and the alleged cooperation with the Palestinian Hamas.

The official date for trial of Egypt’s ex-President is set for the 4th November but Mohamed Morsy refuses to recognize it stating that it would mean he recognizes and accepts the legitimacy of his ouster which is unacceptable for the Islamist backed former President.
It means ex-President also refused the services of the lawyers for his defense team and declined to delegate them for the upcoming trial. Thus no lawyers will be defending ex-President during the trial till now, either Egyptian or foreign.

Meanwhile pro-Morsy Alliance for Support of Legitimacy, Islamist umbrella group protesting against what they call “military coup” and demanding the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President, stated they will stage the massive protests on the day of the trial and that they will also delegate the team of the lawyers in order to observe the process of trial.

Mohamed Morsy is expected to face the trial on the 4th November along with 14 other co-defendants and members of Muslim Brotherhood.