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Monday, October 14, 2013

Egypt’s Islamists are calling for the million-man march on the eve of Eid Al-Adha amid the planned celebrations

Muslim Brotherhood's protests in Egypt
(Image: Star Africa)
Egypt’s Islamist Alliance in Support of Legitimacy supporting deposed President Mohamed Morsy and demanding his reinstatement remains defiant continuing to call for the massive demonstrations of their supporters. In their official statement published on Sunday the group has called for their supporters to gather on Monday, on the eve of Eid Al-Adha, one of the biggest Muslim holidays, for the million-man march called “Pray for Egypt”.

The march is planned to start after the morning prayers and last till the evening, but the location of the gathering is not specified till now.

Egypt’s Islamist groups and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy continue to organize the protests and marches in order to express their position and call for reinstatement of Morsy as President and refusing to accept the political roadmap issued and proposed by the military after it has ousted Mohamed Morsy by the special decree amid the massive protests against his rule nationwide at the end of June.

The numbers of the marches are significantly lower than it was before but the marches continue to be held on a regular basis.

The threat of the new violent clashes between Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters and opponents during the planned marches are high as thousands of people are expected to gather on the squares of Egyptian cities on the eve of the Eid on in the morning of the holiday to celebrate it and to participate in the traditional early morning prayer.

It’s worth mentioning that the celebrations of the anniversary of the 6th October War last weekend were marked with the violent clashes erupted between Morsy’s loyalists participating in the march and the opponents and also security forces. The clashes left at least 57 people dead and hundreds of injured.

Security measures are being tightened in Egyptian capital and other cities as well on the eve of the holiday.