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Monday, October 7, 2013

Egypt’s death toll rises after Sunday clashes, Muslim Brotherhood calls for the new protests

Clashes in Egypt's Cairo
(Image: Reuters)
Egypt’s Ministry of Health reported the death toll rises after Sunday’s violent clashes erupted in Cairo and nationwide during the celebrations of the 40th Anniversary of 6th October war when pro-Morsy protesters, their opponents and police forces clashed. Official death toll is currently 53 people; nearly 270 people are reported to be injured.

The streets of Cairo are currently relatively calm with the order coming back to the streets and traffic opened in Tahrir Square which was closed and its entrances were blocked during Sunday’s celebrations to prevent the protesters from approaching the iconic square.

On Sunday, 6 October, massive and violent clashes erupted in Cairo and in other Egyptian cities including Ismailia, Alexandria, Suez, Assiut, Mahalla and others, as Muslim Brotehrhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters and their opponents clashed together throwing the rocks, stones, Molotov cocktails and damaging the cars. Police forces have also clashed with the protesters trying to disperse the crowds and to drive the protesters away from the site. Security forces have been reportedly shooting tear gas, birdshots and live ammunition, there were also the reports of heavy gunfire heard in the neighborhood. The most violent clashes sparked in Giza’s Dokki district when Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters tried to reach Tahrir Square.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry reported about more than 400 arrests of the suspected persons involved in the violent clashes and inciting of violence. It is also worth mentioning that Egypt’s security and armed forces declared on the eve of the celebrations that any person performing destructive activities and violent protests against the people, army and state’s facilities will be considered as being the foreign agent threatening national security.

Though despite the violence erupted on Sunday and high death toll Egypt’s Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters remain defiant and call for the new protests to be held during this week. Alliance in Support of Legitimacy, the group united several Islamist powers and demanding reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President, has issued an official statement calling for the supporters to continue the demonstrations and to reach Tahrir Square. The protests are planned to be held during the week starting from Tuesday with their culmination on Friday, 11 October.