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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Egypt: The date of trial of Mohamed Morsy is announced

Mohamed Morsy. Egypt's deposed President
(Image: Christian Monitor)
Egyptian Court has announced on Wednesday, 9 October, that Mohamed Morsy, ousted Egyptian President, will face his trial on 4 November 2013, according to MENA.

Mohamed Morsy face the accusations of inciting the violence and calling for killing his opponents while he was in office. The most violent clashes, to which the accusation refers, erupted between anti-Morsy protesters and Islamists in December 2012, when tens of thousands of people have gathered in front of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis to protests against the controversial Constitutional Declaration issued by Mohamed Morsy and granting him almost unlimited powers and putting him above the law. The protesters have organized the sit-in in front of the Presidential Palace but later they have been attacked by Morsy supporters, and the clashes left tens of dead.

Thus, the trial for Egyptian ousted President is set up for the 4th November, and judge Ahmed Sabry Youssef was chosen to preside over the trial.

Other 14 leading member of Muslim Brotherhood will also face the trial along with Mohamed Morsy accused of inciting violence and calling for the killing of the opponents during the protests including the massive protests actions against the rule of Mohamed Morsy in June-July 2013 led to Morsy’s ouster.

Mohamed Morsy was ousted from his presidential position by Armed Forces’ decree on 3 July following massive demonstrations nationwide demanding him to step down. He is being held at an undisclosed location for his own safety, according to the military spokesperson. Since his ouster and detention he has been talking twice to his family members and has also received the visits of EU’s Catherine Ashton and the members of the African Union delegation.

The legal defense team of Mohamed Morsy and his co-defendants will be formed soon and will be probably headed by Selim El-Awa.