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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria declared its wish to join chemical weapons ban treaty after the plan proposed by Russia

Syrian civil war
Amid the extremely tense situation and deep crisis in Syria and Middle East with USA threatening Syrian regime with the possibility of the military strike due to the accusations of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime using the banned chemical weapons against the citizens and several European countries supporting this idea (including France), Syrian regime declared on Tuesday, 10 September, its wish to put its chemical weapons arsenal under international control.

Syrian government represented by Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Mouallem met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in attempt to discuss Russian proposal to the Syrian regime regarding the issue of the chemical weapons in order to find the political and diplomatic solution of the deepening crisis and threat of international military intervention.

According to the official spokesperson of Syrian Foreign Minister there have been fruitful talks held between Russian and Syrian ministers and after the discussions and negotiations Syrian government took a decision to accept Russian proposal regarding chemical weapons.

Syria has agreed to put its chemical weapons arsenal under the international control what could help to avoid the possible military strike of USA. According to the words of Syrian Minister Syria has agreed to it because this move “should remove the grounds for US aggression”.

In addition to that Syrian government has also declared its willingness to join the international chemical weapons ban treaty.

Syrian Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Mouallem stated that his country wants to join the treaty and will respect the commitments relating to the chemical weapons and providing of all the information on this issue.