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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Militants have attacked military facility in Egypt’s Northern Sinai

Egypt's military in Sinai
Unknown assailants have attacked Egypt’s intelligence office’s headquarters in the Northern Sinai city Rafah. Suicide car bomb exploded in front of the headquarters building has killed at least seven Egyptian soldiers and has wounded 17 people,  10 soldiers and 7 civilians, according to the Egyptian State TV and official statement of Egyptian Army.

The explosion happened in the morning, while after the first blast the militants have reportedly fired the rocket-propelled grenades at the military facility.

A few minutes later another explosion hit the nearby military checkpoint, no casualties reported.
Egypt’s military’s officials declared special operation will be carried out in order to find those responsible for the attack and bring them to justice.

The situation in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has significantly deteriorated since the ouster of Egypt’s long standing President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, with several military operations launched in the region in order to eliminate the terrorist activities and restore safety and stability in the region.

Bur since the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy the situation in Sinai became extremely tense with almost daily attacks of the militants and terrorist elements against Egypt’s military and police facilities leaving dozens dead and injured.

Egypt’s Armed Forces have launched massive military operation in order to destroy the terrorist activity of the militants in Sinai and claimed nearly 100 terrorists have been killed in the operations and dozens arrested as well.