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Saturday, September 28, 2013

International Monetary Fund can renew cooperation with Ukraine

The building of the IMF
International Monetary Fund could possibly renew cooperation with Ukraine after the expected signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union in November this year, but there will be no easing of the conditions for Ukraine or these easing will be not significant, according to the reports.

According to the experts Ukraine could expect renewal of its cooperation with IMF either right after the signing of the Agreement with EU or in the following year depending on the economical, social and political situation in the country. The possibility and the terms of this cooperation would be also connected to the state budget for 2014.

In addition to that the experts claim there could be also some other alternative ways for Ukraine for getting some credits for the stabilizing of its econ0omical situation. But of course the best option would contain the development of the situation inside of the country and the creating of the positive conditions rather for investment than for borrowing as any funds or financial organization or the government of any country would have its own political visions and conditions for issuing the financial aid for Ukraine.

Though the possible signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU would ease the process of investment and possibilities of issuing the financial aids, but of course Ukrainian government should continue its working of the development of the economical and financial climate existing in the country.

IMF is currently among the main creditors of Ukraine. Special mission of IMF has visited Ukraine twice in 2013. The result of those meeting and visits is the statement of the IMF representative about the intentions of the international financial organization to continue dialog and cooperation with Ukraine regarding the next tranche of credit. Though for the issuing of the next tranche Ukrainian authorities should rise the prices for gas and some other services for the people which was considered being unacceptable for Ukrainian officials till now as they are looking for other ways to resolve this problem.