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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Egypt’s interim government postpones the decision regarding dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo
(Image: Business Insider)
After Cairo’s Court for urgent matters has taken the decision to dissolve and officially ban Egypt’s oldest Islamist organization, Muslim Brotherhood, its leading member stated they would appeal this verdict within 10 days.

Egypt’s court has issued a verdict banning Muslim Brotherhood and arresting all the funds of the group on Monday, 23 September, after Egypt’s leftist Tagammu Party issued a lawsuit against the group. In addition to that Egypt’s Administrative Court has also issued recommendation to ban all the activities of Muslim Brotherhood as the group was accused of connection to the terrorist and militant groups which is strictly forbidden by Egyptian law.

All the financial funds of the group should be frozen and the special panel should be created in order to administer these funds, according to the Court’s verdict.

Thus Egyptian Interim Government stated on Tuesday, 24 September, that the final decision regarding the dissolution and banning of Muslim Brotherhood and all the group’s activities would be postponed until all the trials and litigation measures against its members will be finalized.

Numerous members of Muslim Brotherhood all over Egypt including high ranking members and leading figures have been arrested since the dispersal of the pro-Morsy sit-ins in Cairo by security forces and the violence spread after it nationwide.

The leading figures of Muslim Brotherhood including Mohamed Badie, Khairat El-Shater and many others are facing the trials accused of inciting violence against their opponents, numerous members of the Islamist groups are also facing accusations in inciting and exercising violence during the protests and holding the illegal weapons as well.

Thus according to the official statement made by the representatives of Egypt’s interim government the dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood cannot be approved until all the trial cases and measures against its members will be finalized.