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Monday, September 30, 2013

Egypt’s Constitutional Committee may retain Shura Council

Egypt's Constituent Assembly
(Image: Press TV)
Egypt’s 50-members Constitutional Committee tasked with the drafting of the amended Constitution is currently working on the chapter dedicated to the legislative system of the country and proposes the retaining of the Shura Council (Upper House of Egypt’s Parliament, currently dissolved).

It’s worth mentioning that 10-members technical committee tasked with the propositions regarding the amendment of the Constitution recommended eliminating Shura Council as an ineffective body which just spends a big share of state’s budget. Many political figures and activists have supported this proposal, though the final decision will be taken by 50-members Constitutional Committee during the discussions of the amendments to the 2012 Constitution.

Though the representatives of the Constitutional Committee have stated that the panel of the committee tasked with the drafting of the chapters regarding the legislative system proposed to retain Shura Council and to include it in the political process.

In addition to that the panel recommended some other amendments of the electoral system of the Lower House of Egypt’s Parliament. Though the 50% of the parliamentary seats currently belonged to the farmers and workers are recommended to be reduced to 25%, while other 25% should be reserved for women’s, youth’s and minorities’ representatives.

After Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsy was ousted by the Armed Forces decree the 2012 Constitution was suspended and the Constitutional Declaration issued by the Interim president Adly Mansour stated the special committee should be formed in order to amend the national charter. The Constitution’s draft should be finalized within two months and then sent to the national referendum, and if the citizens will vote in favor of the new version of the Constitution the new parliamentary elections should be held after 30 days. Presidential elections should follow then.