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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Egypt: Clashes erupted in Cairo and some other cities during the Islamist Friday protests

Islamist protests in Egypt
New protests and demonstrations organized by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Alliance in Support of Legitimacy calling for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President have been held in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and some other Egyptian cities.

Alliance in Support of Legitimacy have been calling for the week long protests to start since Friday, 20 September, and called the demonstration “Youth is the pillar of Revolution” to mark also the beginning of the new academic year for the students in the country.

Though the numbers of the protesters have been relatively law, especially comparing to the previously organized demonstrations of Mohamed Morsy and Islamists’ supporters.

Several thousands have been demonstration in a few districts of Cairo including Mohamdissen and Heliopolis. Protesters have been chanting for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy and also against military and police forces and the current government as well. The march in Heliopolis headed to the Presidential palace in attempt to protest the political roadmap set by the Armed Forces after Morsy’s outrser on 3 July.

The marches have been also connected to the recent security forces raid launched in Kerdassa, located close to Cairo, which was the stronghold of the Islamist forces and where the police stations was attacked on 14 August, after police has dispersed pro-Morsy sit-ins in Cairo’s Nasr City and in Giza as well. 11 police officers have been killed as a result of the attack.

Egypt’s security forces though have launched a special operation in this neighborhood arresting nearly 98 persons and confiscating high numbers of the illegal weapons.

The Friday protests have been also connected to these events.

Some clashes erupted during the protests between the protesters and local residents. Rocks and stones have been thrown, but the police and security forces have restored an order and dispersed the crowds.

In the coastal city of Alexandria clashes also erupted in several districts with the protesters throwing stones, rocks and fireworks, so the police forces have shot tear gas in order to disperse the crowds and to stop the clashes.

Clashes have also happened in Suez and in some other Egyptian cities.

Nearly 20 people have been reportedly injured as a result of the clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and the opponents during the Friday marches organized by the Islamists.

It’s worth mentioning that Egyptian Interim President has recently ordered the state of emergency to be prolonged for the next two months, unless the situation will stabilize and the violence will stop. State of emergency was declared in Egypt after the violent clashes erupted nationwide after pro-Morsy sit-ins dispersal on 14 August. Night curfew was also imposed in 13 Egyptian cities, but it was currently shortened from 12 a.m. till 5 a.m. with the exception of Fridays, when it starts at 7 p.m. in order to prevent the gatherings and protests.