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Friday, September 6, 2013

Egypt: Car bomb exploded near the ministerial convoy in Cairo

Car bomb exploded in Cairo
Car bomb has exploded in Cairo’s eastern district Nasr City on Thursday, 5 September. The bomb attack has targeted the convoy of Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt’s Interior Minister, and occurred in the morning, nearly 10.30 a.m.

Egyptian Health Ministry reported at least 21 people injured, among them also police officers. There have been no dead among the civilians or police personnel after the explosion, but on Friday the Health Minsitry reported one person died at the hospital. Security forces and investigation team working in the area reported some body’s parts have been found there and they could possible belong to those who carried out an attack. The rests of those bodies have been sent for the expertise.

Egypt’s Interior Minister has survived this assassination and was not injured; only a few cars from his convoy have been damaged along with some cars of other city’s residents. Several shops located in the area, had some damages too.

There are some conflicting reports regarding the nature of the explosion as some reports state the bomb was placed in the car parked in the street and then remotely detonated, while other reports say the bomb was thrown from the nearby building. Initial investigations have also shown that nearly 50 kg of TNT explosives and other chemicals have been used in the attack.

It’s worth mentioning that Egypt’s police and army facilities and personnel have faced numerous attacks since Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsy was ousted from power and the main sit-ins supporting him have been violently dispersed in August by security forces. Egypt’s Interior Ministry has backed the dispersal operations resulted in the wave of violence and deadly clashes spread in Egypt nationwide and left hundreds dead.

Egypt's police at the site on attack
The situation remains extremely tense also in Sinai, at the border with Israel and Gaza, as violent attacks occurred in the region also on a daily basis since Mohamed Morsy was removed.

As for the bomb attack several political powers and groups have condemned it and denounced using the violence calling for the reconciliation talks in order to bring Egypt back to safety and stability to ensure the recovering of its economy and social policies and further development of the country.

Muslim Brotherhood strongly criticized for their often violent activities have received harsh critics after the bomb attack. However the Islamist groups have condemned the attack too and stated they are not responsible for it.

Egypt’s interim President and interim government have stated Egypt will continue its fight against terrorism and will not allow the terrorist activities to come back to Egypt, after it was eliminated in 1990s. Egypt’s government also declared the investigations will follow and all of those responsible for the attack will be held accountable.