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Sunday, August 4, 2013

USA White House declared they are ready for the negotiations with Iran

Hassan Rouhani, Iranian new President
Amid the continuous accusations of working on creating the nuclear weapons being made by US government against Iran and tough sanctions imposed against the Islamic republic declared USA White House its readiness to start the negotiations with Iran, after the new President Hassan Rouhani was sworn in on Sunday, 4 August.

According to the official statement made on Sunday by James Carney, Press Secretary of the US White House, USA government is ready for the talks with Iranian government in case of Iran will fulfill its international obligations.

“If the new Iranian government will work in attempt to fulfill its international obligations and to find the peaceful solution to the current problems in the international relations, USA is ready to become a good and trusted partner for Iran in it”, stated Mr. Carney.

It’s also worth mentioning that the newly elected and recently sworn in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a well known and prominent cleric, stated earlier that he is eager to change the course of the inner and international policy of Iran in order to achieve the economical prosperity of the country and to stop international sanctions against Iran. He also stated his government is ready to reconsider international relationships of Iran with other countries.

Mr. Carney in his turn pointed out that these developments in Iran indicate the wish of Iranians for the positive changes in the country’s politics, which USA strongly supports.

Inauguration of the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gives the state’s government the chance to apply for the changes in the country’s policies fast and confident in order to respond to the people’s aspirations. It could also help to put an end to the deep concerns of the international community regarding the possible nuclear weapons program in Iran, added Mr. Carney.

Iranian new President Hassan Rouhani after his inauguration stated that his country is ready for the talks and cooperation and that the only one possible way to find the solution and to resolve the crisis is the dialog, not the sanctions against the country.

We would remind that USA along with some other countries including the neighboring Israel suspect Iran in working of the nuclear weapons program and demand them to stop those works imposing though economical sanctions on the country. Meanwhile Iran denies all those accusations claiming their nuclear program has peaceful character.