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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three rockets have been fired on Israeli Eilat from Egypt’s Sinai territory

Egyptian armed forces in Sinai
Israeli media reported early on Tuesday, 13 August, that three rockets have been fired on resort city of Eilat located close to Egyptian-Israeli border.

Israeli Channel 2 reported about the rockets fired from the territory of Egypt’s Sinai.

The Iron Dome anti-missile batteries recently deployed by Israeli defense forces to Eilat after Egyptian military and intelligence have warned the neighboring country about the threat of the possible terrorist attacks have intercepted two of the three rockets fired on the territory of Israel. 
Two of the rockets have been destroyed in the air while the third one exploded on the deserted territory.

No military or civilian casualties or injuries have been reported.

A state of alert was declared among Israeli Armed and police forces after an attack and the additional military troops have been deployed in the area.

Meanwhile little-known Islamist militant group Ansar Beyt Al-Maqdis located in Egypt’s Sinai claimed the responsibility over the recent rockets fired into Israeli territory. According to the statement released by the groups shortly this attack came in a retaliation of the recent killings of five Islamist militants in Sinai as a result of the explosion happened on Friday.

Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile battery to intercept the rockets 
We would remind that on Friday, 9 August, several explosions have been heard close to the border city of Rafah in Egypt’s Sinai. The rocket launcher which belonged to the terrorist groups in Sinai has been destroyed as a result of the explosion and at least five militants have been killed.

Conflicting reports regarding these explosions have been circulating in local and international media regarding this incident with some sources claiming Egypt’s Armed forces have launched an attack against Sinai based terrorist groups in cooperation with the neighboring Israel, and the militants have been killed with the Israeli drone strike on the territory of Egypt. Israeli side refused to comment the details of the incident, while Egypt’s Armed Forces made an official statement denying any cooperation with Israel and declaring this was a part of the secretly launched military operation in Sinai in order to eliminate the terrorist activities.

Though the abovementioned terrorist group Ansar Beyt Al-Maqdis accused in their statement Egyptian army of cooperating with “the Zionist state” and claimed they’ve conducted the Tuesday rocket attack against Israel in retaliation of the recently killed militants.