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Friday, August 2, 2013

Thousands have gathered for the pro-Morsy rallies in Egypt despite the security forces’ warning

Egypt's pro-Morsy's rallies
Egypt’s Islamist Alliance for Support of Legitimacy demanding Mohamed Morsy’s reinstatement as Egypt’s President has called for the massive rallies to be hold in Cairo and other Egyptian governorates on Friday, 2 August, in order to protest against “the military coup” and the excessive measures being used by the country’s security forces while dealing with the protesters.

Egypt’s Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has stated on Wednesday that the state’s Cabinet has approved the security forces to deal with the pro-Morsy protests if they will threaten the state’s security. The statement read that supporters of Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsy should clear their sit-ins and stop the protests fast and peacefully and in this case all of them will be granted secure and safe exit. In another case security forces and Interior Ministry will use all the possible legal measures in order to disperse the protests as they are the threat to the state’s security now and cannot be acceptable anymore, read the statement.

Egypt’s Interior Minister has also met with the representatives of Egypt’s army and security forces on Thursday discussing the details of the possible dealing with the pro-Morsy demonstrators.

Egypt's Islamist rallies in support of Mohamed Morsy
On Friday, 2 August, thousands of Morsy and  Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have gathered in Egypt’s streets following the call of Alliance for Support of Legitimacy and despite the warning of Egypt’s security forces.

Nearly 30 marches started from the different mosques in Cairo located in several neighborhoods have been held on Friday. The biggest sit-ins and rallies have been organized on the traditional places which are Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Nasr City and Nahda Square in Giza, in front of Cairo University.

Huge marches have been also led to the outskirts of Cairo where the Media City is located. Hundreds of Morsy supporters have gathered in front of the Media City trying to storm the building, and the police is shooting tear gas in attempt to disperse the crowds and to make them retreat, according to the reports. Later in the evening the clashes erupted between the Morsy supporters and the security forces. Two policemen have been reportedly injured by the birdshots as a result of the violent clashes with the Muslim Brpotherhood protesters who refuse to stop their marches and leave the places of the sit-ins. Meahwhile the doctors in the field hospitals claim there are more than 35 injured at the moment.

The marches of Morsy supporters are reportedly really massive with the thousands of participants gathered in the afternoon despite the heat. Their numbers are expected to grow after the sunset when the heat will be less and the Muslim fast Ramadan will be broken.

Egypt's military in the streets during the protests
The situation in Egypt remains tense with the deep divisions in society and the refusals of the Muslim Brotherhood’s representatives and leaders to cooperate as the Alliance doesn’t accept the current government accusing it of supporting the military coup.

Meanwhile there have been also some reports in Egyptian media that Muslim Brotherhood’s and Alliance’s representatives declared they are ready for the negotiations with Egypt’s interim government and army in order to resolve the current political crisis in the country and to avoid the possible bloodshed and violent clashes. As it was already mentioned above, army and security forces declared they grant the safe exit for those protesters who will peacefully and fast leave the protests’ and sit-ins’ sites.