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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Egypt’s technical committee responsible for amending 2012 Constitution proposes the radical changes to it

Egypt's commitee to amend the Consitution 
Egypt’s 10-member technical committee formed by Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour after Islamist backed Mohamed Morsy was ousted and responsible for the amendment to the 2012 Constitution announced the draft of the national charter is almost ready and will be presented soon.

Adly Mansour’s legal advisor and committee chairman Ali Awad declared in his statement on Sunday that the committee is expected to finalize its work on Monday, 19 August, and on Wednesday it will be ready to present the new draft of the amended 2012 Constitution issued by the now dissolved Islamist dominated Constituent Assembly.

The draft of the Constitution proposes serious and fundamental changes to the 2012 Constitution, according to the statements of Ali Awad.

The new national charter should become a basis for the development of Egypt after 30 June revolution aimed to build free, democratic, civilian state.

After almost one month of talks and discussions the technical committee has taken the decision that the 2012 Constitution must be amended fundamentally as it was created by the Islamist dominated Assembly and under the strong influence of Muslim Brotherhood and cannot represent the current Egypt on its path to democracy. The new Constitution shouldn’t allow any possibility of political pr religious tyranny in the ruling of country, according to the statement.

The building of Egypt's Constitutional Court
Thus the members of the committee came to consensus that the new Constitution must include the strong ban of all the political parties based on religion and religious ideology. The return to the 2007 Article 5 (amended in the times of Egypt’s ex-President Hosni Mubarak) which bans the formation of the political parties based on religion was necessary under the current circumstances.

As for the Article 2 of the previous Constitution which stipulates that Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation in Egypt, this article will remain in the new Constitution as well to preserve Islamic identity of Egyptian state. But the article 219 introduced on behalf of Salafist Al-Nour Party and defining the principles of Sharia and their interpretation is expected to be removed from the new national charter as it can give the way to the fundamental interpretations and influence of religion in the ruling of the country.

In addition to that there are the intentions to dismiss the Shura Council (Upper House of Egypt’s Parliament) and to disband it. Most of the political forces also insist on the elimination of this political institution, as it was often exploited by Muslim Brotherhood and its allies to impose their hegemony and to control some state’s institutions including the media and press. During the rule of Mohamed Morsy Shura Counsil was used for the so called “Brotherhoodisation” of all the political institutions and committees as well, including the media. The financing of Shura Council also needs huge amounts of state’s budget’s money and costs the country too much in the time of economical crisis.

The statement also said that there will be some radical changes of the articles regulating the performance and activities of some state’s institutions such as High Constitutional Court, media and others in attempt to bring them more independence and prevent the influencing and any kind of intimidation of those institutions by the ruling regimes or any other political forces.

The technical committee proposed also to remove from the new Constitution the article regarding the ban of political activity for the members of the defunct National democratic Party of Hosni Mubarak. Thos article was proclaimed discriminatory, as any prohibition of the political activities for the individuals or groups should follow the legal court orders and cannot be included in the Constitution.

Thus, the draft of the amended Constitution is almost done and ready to be presented on Wednesday, amid the ongoing clashes and confrontations nationwide after the dispersal of pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo.