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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Egypt’s pro-Morsy demonstrators plan the protests on Friday

Supporters of Mohamed Morsy in Egypt
After the official statement made by Egypt’s Interior Minister regarding the possibility of dispersing of the pro-Morsy sit-ins in Cairo Egypt’s Alliance for Support of Legitimacy which united several Islamist parties and was formed after ouster of Mohamed Morsy and demands his reinstatement issued a call for its supporters to stage massive protests on Friday, 2 August, to protests “against the coup”.

Supporters of Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood denounce the call made by Interior Ministry and accuses the security forces and the current regime in terrorism against their group. They also demand the responsibility for the recent acts of violence committed against the participants of the pro-Morsy demonstrations and sit-ins in Cairo and nationwide.

We would remind that on Saturday, 27 July, violent clashes erupted between Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters and security forces in front of the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, close to Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Nasr City where the main sit-ins of the Morsy-supporters is being held since his ouster. Those clashes left more than 80 people dead and hundreds of injured.

Meanwhile Egypt’s Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has made an official statement on Wednesday, claiming that the sit-ins and protests of Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters are a threat to the national security at the moment and cannot be tolerated anymore.
The Ministry has called on the participants of those marches and sit-ins to leave the protests sites or the sit-ins will be dispersed by the security forces using “all the legal measures”, announces the statement.

In addition to that Egypt’s Interior Minister has reportedly met on Thursday with the security forces officials in order to discuss the possible measures and ways of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood’s protests and sit-ins.

Islamist Alliance for Support of Legitimacy in its turn made a statement accusing the security forces and the current government of “terrorism” as they are willing to violently disperse the peaceful sit-ins of Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters while closing their eyes on the action of “their own armed thugs” who attack the sit-ins. Islamist demonstrators are planning to hold the massive demonstrations on Friday in order to express their demands and protest against the recent decision made by the interim Cabinet.