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Monday, August 12, 2013

Egypt’s Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters held marches in Cairo amid the intentions to disperse the sit-ins

Morsy's supporters sit-in in Cairo's Nasr City
Egypt’s Cabinet announced on Wednesday the decision to disperse sit-ins of Mohamed Morsy’s supporters in Cairo is final as they are a threat to the country’s security and prevents the local residents from the normal life. Egypt’s Interior Ministry and also interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy have called on the protesters and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsy to willingly leave the protests and sit-ins camps, and safety and security were granted to those who will leave the protests. In other case the sit-ins will be dispersed using all the legal measures, according to the official statement of Egypt’s Cabinet.

In the late hours of Sunday, 11 August, the information regarding the fast dispersal of Morsy’s supporters’ sit-ins in Cairo appeared in Egyptian and international media. There have been the reports that the protest camps of Islamist protesters are to be dispersed after Monday dawn. Security forces in its turn intensified their presence in the streets of Cairo downtown in the areas close to the Muslim Brotherhood’s protests.

The representatives of Egypt’s Cabinet and Interior Ministry though stated later that the plans to disperse the sit-ins are postponed due to the leaking of this information, but all the options regarding the dispersal are on the table, according to the officials.

The march of Mohamed Morsy's supporters in Cairo
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy declared on Monday, 12 August, that the sit-ins will be dispersed soon as they are the threat to the state’s security and cannot be tolerated anymore. He asserted the right of any Egyptian citizen to the protests and public actions to express their demands and point of view, but those protests should not disrupt the normal life of the people and threat the country’s security, as it is seen in the case of Muslim Brotherhood’s sit-ins.

The dispersal of the protests will be conducted according to the legal measures and after the security forces will receive all the necessary judicial approvals. The problem of the sit-ins in Cairo should be resolved very soon, stressed Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Alliance for Support of Legitimacy has called on its supporters to gather on Monday and Tuesday in Cairo and other cities nationwide in order to prevent and protest the dispersal of their sit-ins and to express their main demands as well.

Thousands of Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have been marching on Monday in Cairo downtown. The march started from Fatah Mosque, which is in the the area close to the sit-in, and headed to the building of High Court in Cairo though the destination of the march was unknown from the beginning.

When Morsy’s supporters arrived to the High Court building their leaders announced the sit-in to be held in front of it. The protesters have been chanting for reinstating of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President, for approval of the suspended 2012 Constitution and for Shura Council as well. They have been also demanding Egypt’s newly appointed Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat to step down and announced the sit-in will be held until he will leave his office.

Supporteres of Egypt's deposed President Mohamed Morsy
But the sit-in in front of the High Court building appeared to be short and the protesters reiterated back to their protests and sit-ins camps in Cairo downtown.

During the Monday’s marches and protests Egypt’s Islamist leaders have also called on Egyptian military and security forces to respect the right of Morsy’s supporters for the peaceful protests and to avoid the violence and bloodshed possible during the dispersal of the sit-ins.

Though the option of the dispersal of the sit-ins is still on the table, according to the official statements. As the political solution through the national reconciliation talks and dialog has failed due to Morsy’s supporters inflexibility and refusal to cooperate with the interim government and oppositional forces the only one solution remains is the dispersal of the sit-ins. The situation in the country remains tense as the supporters of Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood remain defiant and refuse to leave their sit-ins.