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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei resigned

Mohamed ElBaradei
Egypt’s Vice President for Foreign Affairs Mohamed ElBaradei has resigned on Wednesday, 14 August, due to the violent clashes erupted during the operation of dispersing of Mohamed Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters in Cairo and deadly clashes erupted nationwide.

Mohamed ElBaradei declared his resignation in a letter to Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour and stated he resigns due to the excessive measures used by Egypt’s security forces during the dispersing of the Islamist sit-ins what caused high scores of dead and injured people.

In addition to that Mr. ElBaradei stated the recently launched operation was conducted after the discussions held among Egypt’s Armed Forces and security forces without prior notification of Egypt’s Cabinet of Ministers and Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy.

The Cabinet has announced all the legal measures will be taken to deal with the protesters and the supporters of Mohamed Morsy holding the sit-ins, but those measures should be conducted according to the law. Mohamed ElBaradei stressed he insisted on the peaceful and legal way of dealing with the protesters, but he made the decision to leave his official post amid the ongoing clashes and deadly violence erupted in Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

We would remind that Egypt’s police and security forces started early on Wednesday the operation to disperse the sit-ins of Morsi-supporters as the protesters remained defiant, so the violent clashes erupted between the CSF and Morsi-supporters, which caused numerous casualties.