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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Egypt’s Islamists shows the readiness for the reconciliations process

Meeting between Egypt's government, opposition, Muslim
Brotherhood and US and EU politicians 
Amid the ongoing protests and sit-ins of the supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsy Islamists showed their readiness for the reconciliation and the talks with the current government and oppositional political forces.

Tarek El-Malt, the official representative and spokesperson of Islamist forces’ delegation at the meeting between the Islamist forces, opposition and the international representatives, has stated Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters are also seeking the solution to resolve the current political crisis in the country and to avoid the violence and clashes between different forces.

The meeting held on Saturday, 3 August, was attended by the representatives of Egypt’s current government, oppositional forces, Islamist representatives, US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, US Ambassador in Egypt Anne Patterson and WU special peace envoy Bernardino Leon, who arrived in Cairo for the talks with different political forces of Egypt in order to urge the political forces to start the reconciliation process.

During this meeting Muslim Brotherhood’s delegation’s representative Tarek El-Malt stated that his political group is ready for the reconciliation talks, but the solution of the current crisis should be only the political one and it should also exclude Egypt’s military from the political process.

He also stated that Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership and he personally respects the will of millions of people who went into the streets of Egyptian cities on 30 June to protests against the rule of Mohamed Morsy, but the current government should also respect the will of the hundreds of thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters as well. In this case, as the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President seems to be impossible, and he cannot be a part of the political equation, the same should be applied for the military leadership including General Abdel Fattah El-Sissi who should also step aside and cannot be a part of the political equation as well.

Thus one of the demands of the Islamist forces on the path of the reconciliation talks is the exclusion of Egypt’s military from the political process.

Mslim Brotherhood's and Mohamed Morsy's supporters
protesting in Egypt
In addition to that Mr. El-Malt stated that several possible solutions of the current crisis could be found in the suspended after Morsy’s ouster 2012 Constitution. Tjis Constitution should be restored and put in power, with several amendments, and the political solution of the current crisis should be based on the national charter.

Muslim Brotherhood’s representatives also pointed that the details of the possible solutions should be discussed during the meetings and they should be worked out together with Egypt’s opposition and of course with the National Salvation Front, which is the umbrella group united several oppositional parties and powers.

Thus, Muslim Brotherhood is ready to be flexible and to hold the negotiations in attempt to find the political solutions of the current crisis in Egypt, and those solutions should be based on the constitutional legitimacy, according to the El-Malt’s statement.