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Friday, August 9, 2013

Egypt: Supporters of military and the current government and supporters of Mohamed Morsy have held the celebrations of Eid El-Fitr

Eid prayers and celebrations in Tahrir, Cairo
Two rival political camps and their supporters have gathered on Thursday, 8 August, in Cairo and in other Egyptian cities as well to perform the prayers and to mark the beginning of the celebrations of Eid El-Fitr, one of the biggest Muslim holidays marking the end of fasting month of Ramadan.

Egypt’s “Rebel” group which backed the popular 30 June revolution ousted Mohamed Morsy has called on the eve of Eid for the mass celebrations of the holiday in Tahrir Square in Cairo and in the squares of other Egyptian cities.

Thousands of their supporters and those supporting Egypt’s military backed ouster of Islamist 
President Mohamed Morsy and the current government have gathered in Tahrir Square, where the prominent sheikhs known for their revolutionary activities have delivered the sermons and speeches to mark the celebrations. The people have been also chanting in support of Egypt’s military and Head of the Armed Forces Abdel Fattah El-Sissi as well.

Additional security forces and army troops and vehicles have been deployed in the area for controlling the situation and granting security.

Egypt's army participating in the Tahrir celebrations
Meanwhile Egypt’s Islamist’s Alliance in Support of Legitimacy which united Muslim Brotherhood and other prominent Islamist groups and parties and backed the massive rallies and sit0ins of Mohamed Morsy’s supporters have also called for the people to gather for the massive celebrations.

Thousands of Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have gathered in Cairo’s Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Cairo’s Nasr City and in Al-Nahda Square in Giza, in front of Cairo University, where two massive sit-ins are ongoing since the ouster of Mohamed Morsy. Some gatherings of the Islamist supporters have also taken place in Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria.

Prominent preachers supporting Egypt’s Islamist leader Morsy deposed by the military have delivered their speeches to the supporters. Many people have been holding the posters and banners in support of Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsy, and the neighboring area was also decorated with the portraits of Egypt’s ousted President.

Despite the recent repeated statements of Egypt’s Cabinet of Ministers about the decision to disperse the pro-Morsy sit-ins thousands of his supporters still remain in the two main points of the Islamist sit-ins. They have been also chanting demanding the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s only one legitimate President.

We would remind that Egypt’s Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy has repeated the calls of the Cabinet  to the Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters and participants of the sit-ins to leave the area as soon as possible as the Cabinet’s decision to disperse the sit-ins which disrupt the public order and provoke criminal activity and are unacceptable anymore is final.
Supporters of Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Prime Minister has stated that those who will leave the squares peacefully will be granted safety and security and even the special free transportation will be delivered for them. None of the sit-ins participants will be arrested except those responsible for the criminal activities and violence. In case the protesters won’t clear the area the security forces will use all the legal measures to disperse the sit-ins, so the Prime Minister called on Mohamed Morsy’s supporters to avoid the violence.

Thus Muslim Brotehrhood’s supporters and their leadership remain defiant and refuse to leave their sit-ins unless Mohamed Morsy is back in power.

The recent reconciliation talks between Egypt’s current interim government and Muslim Brotherhood attended by several international representatives including those from USA, EU and Gulf countries have been declared being failed due to inflexibility of Muslim Brotherhood.