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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Egypt’s President’s and Cabinet’s spokesmen resigned, along with several ministers and members of Shura Council

Egyptians protesting against Mohamed Morsy in Tahrir
Amid the ongoing massive anti-Morsy demonstrations all over Egypt, the country’s government, Parliament and Presidency faced a wave of resignations.

Thus, on 2 July 2013, spokesperson of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy, Ehab Fahmy, and also spokesperson of Hesham Qandeel’s Cabinet of Ministers, Alaa El-Hadid, submitted their resignations due to the deepening political crisis and President’s administration’s failure to respond to the massive protests in the country.

In addition to that, five ministers from the Qandeel’s government have also resigned due to the current political crisis and President’s inability to resolve the situation. Among the ministers who resigned are Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamel Amr, who submitted his resignation early in the morning of 2 July, and also Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Minister of Environment, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Communications. They all are awaiting Prime Minister Hisham Qandeel to approve their resignations.

Protesters attacking Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in
Former SCAF member and chief-of-staff, Sami Anan, who was occupying currently the position of President’s consultant, has also left his post and resigned supporting the demands of the protesters of the president’s stepping down and the early presidential elections in the country. Sami Anan has also praised the statement made by Egypt’s Armed Forces on 1 July giving the ruling powers and oppositional forces 48 hours to resolve the crisis. If the solution will not be found military will intervene and announce its own roadmap for the closest political future of Egypt.

Eight members of Egypt’s Shura Council (Upper House of Parliament) have also resigned in respond to the current crisis and supporting the demands of the protesters. Among those who resigned are Nadia Henry, Nabil Azmy, Suzy Adel, Magdy El-Maasarawy, Gameel Haleem, Kamal Soliman, Farid El-Bayad and Sameh Fawzy. Their resignations were tended officially on Monday, 1 July, and Shura Council’s speaker Ahmed Fahmy announced the resignations will be looked during the board meeting on 2 July.

Meanwhile the massive anti-Morsy and anti-Brotherhood demonstrations are happening in Egypt with the protesters demanding ouster of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and early presidential elections. Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s President, who hails from this group, are also holding the rallies in his support.

As a result of the violent clashes erupted during the demonstrations in Cairo, Alexandria and other Egyptian governorates 17 people are officially declared dead and nearly 800 injured.