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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Egypt’s Interior Ministry claims pro-Morsy sit-ins and rallies are a threat to the state’s security

Egypt's Islamist demonstrators 
Egypt’s interim Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim made another official statement claiming that pro-Morsy sit-ins and rallies taking place in Cairo and in other cities are not acceptable anymore as they threat the national security.

Interim Cabinet stated that it delegates the Interior Ministry to take all the needed legal measures to disperse the protests and sit-ins which disrupts the normal life and traffic in the neighborhoods where these protests are being held in order to confront “the acts of terrorism” and “road blocking”.

This statement was a warning to the sit-ins and rallies of Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters that continue to take place in Egypt’s Rabaa Square in Nasr City and in Nahda Square, located in Giza, in front of Cairo University.

The Cabinet’s statement also says the security situation in the country was studied and examined and the current sit-ins and protests showing the deadly violence and preventing the normal life and working of the people living in the neighborhoods of those protests are a serious threat to the country’s security. Interior Ministry has called on the participants of those rallies and sit-ins to end their actions and leave the area or the Ministry will take the legal measures to disperse the protests.

It’s worth mentioning that earlier, on 27 July, Egypt’s Interior Minister has announced that the police and army are cooperation in attempt to choose the suitable day and way to disperse the protests of Morsy’s supporters being held in Cairo.

A few hours after this statement terrible violent clashes erupted between Morsy’s supporters and Egypt’s security forces when they have clashed in front of the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier which is kilometer away from Rabaa Al-Adaweya Mosque where one of the strongest Islamist rallies and sit-ins is being held since 28 June. More than 80 people have been killen and thousands injured as a result of the violent clashes which have been strongly condemned by several political powers and parties in Egypt and internationally.

Islamist supporters are protesting in Cairo and in other Egyptian governorates since the ouster of Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy. Their main demand is reinstatement of Morsy as Egypt’s only one legitimate President who was elected during the democratic presidential elections. They accuse Egypt’s military and opposition of conspiring against Morsy and his party and call their actions a military coup and a threat to democracy in the country. Supporters of Egypt’s deposed President and the leaders of the sit-ins and rallies held in Nahda and Rabaa squares in Cairo and also in other Egyptian cities claim they will not give up until their demands will be met or they are ready to become martyrs for Mohamed Morsy.