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Friday, July 19, 2013

Egypt’s Army launches new security operation in Sinai

Egypt's military in Sinai
After series of deadly and violent attacks against Egypt’s military and police stations and check points in Northern Sinai Egypt’s Armed Forces intensified the military presence in the restive peninsula in attempt to launch the new operation to eliminate terrorist and militant activities in Sinai and restore the security in the region.

The situation in Sinai has significantly worsened after the ouster of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy with the numerous attacks of the armed militants against Egypt’s military. Those attacks have also affected the civilians as the bus transporting the group of workers in Northern Sinai was attacked by the militants on Monday killing five and wounding 15 people.

On Wednesday, 17 July, another military station in Northern Sinai, close to Al-Arish and Gaza border, was attacked by the armed militants. One soldier died after the wounds he received. Thursday was marked by another attack which left one police officer dead.

Generally during the latest few weeks nearly 40 terrorist attacks occurred in Egypt’s Nothern Sinai, most of them in the area close to the Gaza border. As a result of those clashes between army and security and terrorists at least 6 soldiers and security personnel and 52 civilians and gunmen have been killed and dozens wounded. The situation in the cities of Sinai remain tense with some local residents even moving with their families to the cities and villages more far from the Al-Arish and the neighboring area.

Egypt's military forces in Sinai
After the attacks and militant activities intensified in Sinai Egypt’s Armed Forces reinforced their strong presence on the Peninsula deploying the additional forces, military vehicles and heavy weaponry. Military helicopters are also involved in the operation launched during the latest 48 hours in order to restore the security and control in the region and to eliminate the activities of the terrorists in Sinai.

As a result of the military operation which has started on Thursday, 18 July, at least 10 militants have been killed, according to the official statement of the military made for MENA.
In addition to that Egypt’s Armed Forces announced they’ve discovered 39 new underground tunnels connecting Egypt’s Sinai with Gaza which are being used for the smuggling of goods and weapons.

Thus the situation in Sinai remains tense as the protests against the move of military and the ouster of Mohamed Morsy continue in Cairo and some other Egypt’s governorates with the Islamist forces calling to reinstate Morsy as Egypt’s President.