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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Egypt’s Armed Forces launch military operation against terrorists in Sinai

Egypt's military in Sinai
Amid the ongoing attacks of the armed militants against Egypt’s army and police in Sinai Egypt’s Armed Forces have launched the new military operation “Desert Storm” in order to fight the terrorist elements in Sinai and restore security and stability in the area.

The attacks against police stations and military checkpoints in Northern Sinai are happening almost on a daily basis since the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist backed President Mohamed Morsy, who was withdrawn from his position by military’s decree in response to the massive protests against his rule nationwide.

Nearly 23 soldiers and policemen have been killed and dozens injured, including civilians, as a result of the attacks committed by the armed militants in Sinai during the last month. The security situation in the area is extremely tense and provokes concerns of Egyptian authorities and also of the neighboring Israel.

Egypt’s Armed Forces have started the special military operation nearly 48 hours ago deploring the additional troops, military technique and vehicles and heavy weapons, with dozens of helicopters also patrolling the area. Israeli side has also stated Egypt’s military has received the approval from Israeli side for using the aviation in the frameworks of the military operation.

During the latest 48 hours 10 gunmen have been killed by Egypt’s military, according to the reports of the Armed Forces, and nearly 20 people accused of terrorist activities in Sinai have been captured by army and arrested. Dozens of militants operation in Sinai Peninsula have been also killed by security forces during the latest crackdown by security this month.

Though the situation in Sinai remains tense and dangerous as another security checkpoint located in Al-Arish, which is close to the Gaza border, was attacked again by the armed militants.