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Friday, July 5, 2013

Egyptian Islamist forces are planning to hold demonstrations on Friday

Muslim Brotherhood's and Mohamed Morsy's supporters
in Nasr City, Cairo
After Egypt’s first elected President Mohamed Morsy was ousted by Egypt’s Armed Forces on Wednesday, 3 July, the Islamists forces and the recently formed Alliance in Support of Legitimacy have announce about the planned demonstrations to be held on Friday, 5 July, in support of Mohamed Morsy.

The Alliance in Support of Legitimacy and the Islamist forces have been holding press conference on Thursday, 4 July, in front of Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Nasr City, where the massive Islamist rally in support of Mohamed Morsy was held and thousands of his supporters still remain in the area.

In the press release as a result of the Alliance was stated that the decision of the Military about the ouster of Mohamed Morsy is considered being a military coup. They refuse to accept the dismissal of Mohamed Morsy and declare him as a legitimate President, elected by people during the democratic elections. They also strongly criticized the recent closing of several Islamist owned TV channels and arresting of its crew and also the detention of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders as well.

Massive Islamist rallies in Cairo
The Islamist forces have called for the massive peaceful protests on Friday in support of Mohamed Morsy whom they see as the legitimate President. The protests are expected to be held in Cairo and also in other Egyptian governorates and are aimed to denounce the move of the military which they call the coup and to support the legitimacy of the President Mohamed Morsy.

In their statement the Islamists have criticized all the forms of violence and urged the participants of the rallies to show restraint and peacefulness.

Hundreds of thousands of the Mohamed Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supports have been gathering in Cairo’s Nasr City to support Egypt’s now ousted President and they still remain there.