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Monday, July 29, 2013

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Morsy’s supporters to stage massive protests on Monday

Protests of Mohamed Morsy's supporters
Egypt’s Islamist umbrella group Alliance in Support of Legitimacy which united several significant Islamist parties and groups including Muslim Brotherhood has announced about their intentions to hold the massive rallies on Monday, 29 July, in Cairo and nationwide in attempt to commemorate the victims of the recent violence and to express their demands.

The participants of the rallies will carry the coffins with the slain protesters to the security directorates of the Egyptian cities demanding the investigations and the accountability of those involved in what the Muslim Brotherhood supporters called the massacre against the supporters of Mohamed Morsy.

We would remind here that the wave of violent clashes between Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s ousted President, supporters and security forces and sometimes opponents of the Islamist group has spread in Egypt since Morsy’s ouster by military on 3 July. Dozens of dead and hundreds of injured have been left after those clashes erupted nationwide.

The most violent cases were on 8 July in Cairo’s Nasr City, when the Morsy’s supporters have clashed with security forces in front of Republican Guard headquarters. Muslim Brotherhood claims the peaceful demonstrators have been brutally attacked by security forces while performing the prayers. Egypt’s Interior Ministry in its turn denied those accusations stating some of the protesters have been trying to break into the building in attempt to free Mohamed Morsy who they believe is being held captive in Republican Guard building. This violence took the lives of more than 50 people and left dozens injured.

Another massive violent clashes erupted just a few days ago, on Saturday 27 July, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s and Mohamed Morsy’s supporters clashed with security forces personnel in front of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in Nasr City, just a kilometer away from Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square, where the supporters of Egypt’s deposed President continue to hold sit-in and massive protests since 28 June. Protesters have reportedly tried to extend their demonstration and started to move in the direction to the 6th October Bridge, so the security forces have been trying to prevent them from doing it, and the clashes erupted.

More than 80 people have been killed and nearly 400 injured after those clashes, according to the official statistic of Egypt’s Health Ministry, while Muslim Brotherhood’s representatives claims there have been much more deaths during the violent clashes.

Most of the deaths and injuries were caused by birdshots and live ammunition. Muslim Brotherhood accuses Egypt’s security forces of using excessive powers in order to disperse the crowds, while the country’s Interior Minister claims police never used live ammunition or birdshots against the protesters and had only fired teargas.

The recent violence sparked in the country was strongly condemned by several Egyptian political parties and powers with their leader calling for the conducting of the independent investigations of these cases.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Monday protests are planned to be held to express the condemnation of the recent violence and using the excessive measures by the security forces and to protest against the current ruling powers of Egypt rejecting the military led roadmap for the political future of the country and rejecting any negotiations either with the Interim President Adly Mansour or with the interim government headed by Hazem El-Beblawy.

In addition to that Egypt’s Islamists are also calling for the massive protests to be held on Tuesday, 30 July, to protests against Mohamed Morsy’s ouster and to demand his reinstatement as a President.