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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Egypt: Mohamed Morsy’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters held massive rallies in Cairo and nationwide

Egypt's Morsy's supporters
Egypt’s recently created umbrella group Alliance in Support of Legitimacy united several Islamist parties and groups called for the massive rallies to be held in Cairo and nationwide on Tuesday, 30 July. The mass demonstrations have been held in attempt to protest against police brutality and using of excessive measures and protesting against military and the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsy.

On Monday, 29 July, numerous supporters of Egypt’s deposed President have held the marches in Cairo and other cities as a symbolical funeral holding the coffins and protesting the violence.

On Saturday, 27 July, deadly and violent clashes erupted in Cairo’s Nasr City between Morsy’s supporters and Egypt’s security forces. The clashes left at least 80 people dead and nearly 1000 injured. The violence was strongly condemned by Egyptian political powers and representatives of the parties demanding the independent investigations to be started.

Monday’s marches and Tuesday’s massive rallies have been held to condemn the recent violence and killing of the protesters. Several marches started from different points in Cairo heading to Rabaa Al-Adaweya Mosque, where thousands of Mohamed Morsy’s supporters continue to hold sit-in and demonstrations demanding the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President and protesting against the “military coup”.

Another march was heading to Nahda Square, in front of Cairo University in Giza, where another point of Islamist supporters is located.

Morsy's and Muslim Brotherhood's supporters
At least two female marches have been also organized by Muslim Brotherhood and Alliance marching to UAE and Saudi Arabia’s embassies to protest against their support of Egypt’s El-Sissi and military’s move.

Several marches condemning the violence against the demonstrators have been held in front of the security directorates in Cairo and other Egyptian cities as well.

Security forces presence in the areas where the important state’s buildings are located and in the areas of the protests was strong, with the additional troops and blocking some roads. Thus, the female marches have been stopped by Egypt’s security forces.

Meanwhile as thousands have been demonstrating in Cairo on Tuesday some clashes erupted in Egypt’s Ismailia and Mansoura during the similar rallies. Protesters have been clashing with the security forces, throwing rocks and stones, there have been also reports about using birdshots and live ammunition as well. Police have fired tear gas in order to disperse the crowds. Several injuries have been officially reported at the moment.