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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Egypt: Massive pro- and anti-Morsy demonstrations are planned to be held on Sunday

Massive demonstrations against Mohamed Morsy
The supporters of Egypt’s recently ousted President Mohamed Morsy who hails from Muslim Brotherhood have announced about their plans to hold the massive rallies in support of Morsy on Sunday, 7 July.

The Alliance in Support of Legitimacy, recently formed and united several Islamist political powers and parties, is calling for the Morsy supporters to gather in the streets and squares of Egypt to support the legitimacy of Mohamed Morsy for his presidential post.

Islamist political parties and also the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt reject the ouster of Mohamed Morsy by Egypt’s Head of Armed Forces Abdel Fattah El-Sissi and call this action as a military coup. Mohamed Morsy is a legitimate, democratically elected President of Egypt and he should remain on his post, declare the Islamists.

It’s worth mentioning that the Islamist demonstrators have organized massive rallies all over Egypt on Friday, 5 July, expressing also their key demands which include reinstating Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s President, canceling of all the unconstitutional decisions taken by the military leadership during this period of time, continuing to implement the Constitution and creating of the special committee in order to discuss and to amend the controversial articles in it.

The Friday Islamist rallies in Egypt have been attended by hundreds of thousands people. But despite the calls of the leadership and organizers of the marches there have been several violent clashes in Cairo, Alexandria, Sinai and other Egyptian governorates as well when the supporters of Mohamed Morsy clashed with his opponents and with the security forces.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health reported that at least 33 people have been killed during Friday’s clashes and more than 1000 people have been injured.

Though the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters are calling for the massive rallies to be held on Sunday until Mohamed Morsy will not be reinstated as Egypt’s President.

Rallies of Morsy supporters
Meanwhile the oppositional forces also plan the massive demonstrations on Sunday to support what they call the popular will. The decision made by the military leadership to oust Mohamed Morsy was met with joy and celebrations by the demonstrators gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and all over Egypt as well. This move was also one of the attempts of the massive Rebel campaign issued in Egypt to gather the signs against Mohamed Morsy in order to impeach the President.

The roadmap for the earliest political future of Egypt announced by Egypt’s Armed Forces corresponds with the demands of the revolutionaries as the President is dismissed and Adly Mansour, Head of High Constitutional Court, was sworn in as an interim head of the state, the Constitution was suspended, the Shura Council dissolved and the decision was taken to hold the early presidential and parliamentary elections as well. Thus the anti-Morsy demonstrators are planning to hold the massive rallies on Sunday to support the people’s will as many saw the period of Morsy’s and his administration’s ruling as a failure and attempts to Islamize all the key political wings and institutions of the country.

So as the situation in the country remains extremely tense and the society is still divided over the recent events two rival forces in the country are calling for the massive protests in Cairo and in other Egyptian governorates.