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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Egypt: Clashes erupted on Monday night during the pro-Morsy march in Cairo

Morsy's supporters have clashed with police in Cairo
Egypt’s Islamist forces and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s recently deposed President Mohamed Morsy have held the marches in Cairo and also in other Egyptian governorates on Monday, 15 July, to deliver their demands to reinstate Morsy as a legitimate President of Egypt and to cancel the decisions made recently by Egypt’s Armed Forces.

Egypt’s Alliance for Support of Legitimacy, which united over 40 different Islamist political parties, forces and groups, has called for the marches in support of Mohamed Morsy to b held on Monday in Cairo’s downtown and also in other Egyptian cities. We would remind that the Islamist leaders and the demonstrators claim they will remain in the streets protesting and holding their sit-ins until Morsy will not be reinstated.

On Monday, 15 July, the Islamist march moved to Cairo’s downtown, protesting in Ramses Square which is in the neighborhood of the Tahrir Square, and also blocked the 6th Octobr Bridge, one of the main traffic arteries of Cairo connecting several districts in the city.

Supporters of Morsy have allegedly blocked the bridge with the tracks and started to erect the wall in the middle of it in an attempt to block the way permanently. There have been also some reports about the attempts of the Islamist protesters to block some other roads of the city as well.

Demonstrations in support of Mohamed Morsy
Police and military forces which are deployed in the area to secure have fired tear gas at the protesters to disperse the crowd and to clean the bridge. The mass clashes erupted between the protesters and security and army personnel as the demonstrators have been throwing the stones and some media reported there have been even birdshots as well.

Later the local residents and some street vendors have also joined the clashes against the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

In addition to that the clashes also erupted in Giza, where the supporters of Morsy also clashed with the security forces. There were some reports about several clashes between police and Islamist protesters in front of Cairo’s Republican Guard’s headquarters located in Nasr City as well. Massive clashes between the Islamist protesters and military forces taken place last Monday there have left more than 50 people dead and hundreds of injured and were strongly condemned by different political forces in Egypt.

Clashes on Cairo's 6th October bridge
Meanwhile the sit-in of Mohamed Morsy’s supporters held in front of Rabaa Al-Adaweya Mosque in Cairo’s Nasr continues and the atmosphere there is tense as the march headed from there was also stopped by the military and police forces.

Additional military and police forces have been reportedly deployed in the areas of the protests and clashes.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health has officially reported 22 injured people at the moment. There are no official reports about the deaths.

In addition to that the marches of Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters aimed to express the key demands as reinstating Morsy as Egypt’s President has been also held in other Egyptian governorates including Alexandria, Damanhour, Suez, and Luxor.