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Monday, July 1, 2013

Breaking: Egyptian Armed Forced announced 48-hours ultimatum to all the political powers of the country

Abdel Fattah El-Sissi, Egypt's Defense Minister
and Head of the Armed Forces
On Monday, 1 July, amid the massive demonstrations against Mohamed Morsy and his administration and Muslim Brotherhood all over Egypt the Armed Forces have announced their ultimatum to the Brotherhood and all political powers of the country giving them 48 hours to resolve the conflict.

The official statement of Egypt’s Armed Forces has been announced on TV and also posted on the official Facebook page of the military.

It’s worth mentioning that Egypt’s Armed Forces have already addressed to the current ruling powers and also to the oppositional forces one week before the planned marches urging them to unite and find the common solution for the deepening crisis in the country in order to prevent the violence and more division in the society. None of the political powers of the country replied to this call.

Thus today Army has officially declared its position announcing the 48-hours ultimatum to all the political powers of the country. In case the decision will not be taken and the solution will not be found, Egypt’s Armed Forces will intervene in the conflict and announce a new roadmap for the future. In addition to that military declared they will include all the political powers and factions of the society in the dialog.

Here is the English translation of the Armed Forces’ ultimatum:

Armed Forces warns of intervention in 48 hours

The Armed Forces warned political forces of intervening if they do not reach a solution to the ongoing stalemate in Egypt, a statement aired on television and posted on the official military Facebook page said today.

The statement came in response to nationwide protests Sunday, when millions took to the streets to demand the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. Calls for civil disobedience and continuous protests have been made.

"The Armed Forces repeats its call to respond to the people's demands and give everyone a 48-hour deadline to carry the burden of these historic circumstances. [The Armed Forces] won't tolerate anyone doing less than what's needed to carry their responsibility," the statement read.

Egyptians protesting against Mohamed Morsy, 30 June
The statement added that the Armed Forces would resort to announcing a road map for the future as part of its responsibility and in respect to the demands of the people, if political forces fail to solve the current stalemate.

The Armed Forces added its lack of interest in being part of the political process and in disrupting the democratic process. However, it indicated that national security has been endangered and that the situation has become precarious. That is why a previous one-week deadline was given for political forces to solve the problem, but there was no response, the military said.

Some of June 30 protests have been calling for a military take over as the only alternative to the ouster of Morsi. However, many also fear a military take over would hamper the road to democracy.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces took over the rule after the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak following mass protests in 2011. But its departure from power in 2012 was prompted by repeated protests, marked by violence.