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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Massive anti-Morsy and pro-Morsy rallies are happening in Egypt’s capital and nationwide

Tens of thousands of anti-Morsy protesters in
Cairo's Tahrir Square
Ahead of the planned for 30 June actions against current President of Egypt Mohamed Morsy and his policies Egypt faces the wave of massive demonstrations in Cairo and nationwide.

The opposition headed by the ideas of the nationwide massive “Rebel” campaign which has reportedly gathered more than 15 million signatures against Mohamed Morsy prepares for the massive protests on 30 June, the anniversary of the Morsy’s presidential term.

The opponents of Morsy’s regime and his rule have gathered today in Cairo’s Tahrir Square heading there from different districts of Cairo and called for Morsy to step down. The protesters have been chanting against his failed policies and accusing him and his government of failing to fulfill the revolutionary demands and also the promises of Morsy’s presidential campaign.

Tens of thousands of anti-Morsy protesters have gathered today in Tahrir chanting against Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood and demanding Morsy to step down in order to hold the early presidential elections. The people have been chanting “Leave!” and some of them have been waving the red cards which symbolically showed that Morsy and his administration have lost the confidence and trust of people.

Anti-Morsy protesters
Some of the participants of the anti-Morsy rallies have been reportedly chanting for the military to take the power for the transitional period.

The protesters have also formed the new front called “Leave!” in a preparation to the 30 June massive demonstrations aimed to call Morsy to step down.

The Friday’s marches were supported by several oppositional parties and powers including National Salvation Front, April 6th Youth Movement, Egypt Popular Current and others. The organizers have also announced that the marches are to be held in several Egyptian cities and governorates including Alexandria, Suez, Assiut, Mahalla, Gharbiya and others.

Pro-Morsy rally in Nasr City, Cairo
It’s worth mentioning that the massive protests against Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood are happening currently in a lot of Egyptian cities with the headquarters of the most powerful Islamist group being attacked and torched in some governorates. Alexandria in its turn has witnessed a wave of violence while the anti-Morsy protesters and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood have clashed in the streets. The police forces have been deployed in the area and the rounds of tear gas was shot to disperse the crowds.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of supporters of Mohammed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood have gathered on Friday in Cairo’s Nasr City, in front of Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque. This rally has been organized by the currently created “National Alliance for Legitimacy Support”. This Alliance became a grassroots organization which united eleven Islamist parties and political powers in Egypt and launched this Thursday in order to protect the legitimacy of Mohamed Morsy’s position and protect his rights for the presidency.

This Alliance includes the representatives of Freedom and Justice Party, Al-Wasat Party, Salafist Al-Watan Party, Building and Development Party and many others. It also includes several professional unions.

Rally of supporters of Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood
The main idea and efforts of the Alliance is to protect the choice of Egyptians and the right of Mohammed Morsy to remain on his presidential position until the end of its term in 2016. They claim the efforts of the “Rebel” campaign and of the opposition are unconstitutional and false and they are willing to drag the country in the deeper crisis and provoke more division and violence in the society.

Thus the Islamist Alliance declared about their intentions to hold the massive rally in support of Mohammed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood.

This rally started in the morning of Friday, 28 June, in front of of Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Nasr City and hosted tens of thousands of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the current President of Egypt. They were chanting for Mohamed Morsy and called to the people of Egypt to respect the law and to give the President the chance to fulfill his promises and the gains of his campaign.

Clashes between the protesters
The numbers of the demonstrators have been increasing since afternoon as more people came to the demonstration from different districts of Cairo and, in addition to that, some Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have reportedly arrived in Cairo from other Egyptian governorates.

The situation during the day became tenser as the violent clashes erupted between the supporters of Morsy and Islamists and oppositional protesters. Violent clashes have been witnessed in the coastal city of Alexandria where the police had to use the tear gas. Two people are reportedly dead in this city and there are also dozens of injured.

The massive protests resulted in some clashes in other cities in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters being torched and attacked by the angry protesters. The total numbers of the injured in the country are almost 600 people at the moment, 8 people are declared being dead, including 21-year-old USA citizen.

The situation remains difficult as the opposition is preparing for the massive rallies on the 30th of June which is expected to be the second revolution in order to oust the current President and his regime. The Islamists forces and their supporters meanwhile are ready to defend the right of Mohamed Morsy for the presidency and will also host the demonstrations to support him, so, the situation in Egypt ahead of 30 of June and amid clashes, disappointment and gas crisis remains extremely tense.