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Sunday, May 12, 2013

USA claims to have the facts proving that Syria used chemical weapons

According to the USA State Secretary John Kerry’s statement made on Friday USA has the facts proving that Syrian regime of Assad has used chemical weapons against the people.

According to the statement of Mr. Kerry there are no doubts that Assad’s regime made a really terrible choice which provoked the civil war in the country with tens of thousands dead and injured people. It’s worth mentioning that the numbers of those dead during the conflict are estimated as 70-100 thousand people.

This terrible choice made by Assad and his regime made them to kill the citizens of their own country using artillery, rockets and even chemical weapons, and USA announces it has the proofs of it.

According to the words of US’ top-diplomat only the political will and readiness of the ruling regime of Bashar Al-Assad to hold the negotiations could help to find the peaceful solution of this terrible crisis.

In addition to that State Secretary declared that the new transitional government should be formed, with all the members of it elected by the both sides after the negotiations. Of course there is no chance for Assad to be part of this transitional government, stressed Mr. Kerry.

Meanwhile the violent conflict continues in Syria, and there were also the reports that since 7th May the country was cut from internet.