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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Štefan Füle said about perspectives of Ukraine to sign the Association Agreement with EU in November

Stefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and
Neighborhood Policy

Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, declared in his recent interview with the media agency Interfax, that European Union has special mechanisms of monitoring the fulfillment of Kyiv of the conditions necessary for signing of the Association Agreement with EU.

According to his statement there is the continuous process in Ukraine and in EU as well to control the situation with the fulfillment of the key issues stated in the list of the conditions of EU for Ukraine. This process of monitoring is a result of the cooperation of the sides, Ukrainian authorities and EU as well.

This list of conditions includes the conclusions of the December meeting of European Council regarding the Ukrainian issue. In addition to that there are also some questions which Ukraine announced to answer and some conditions to be met in the process of the cooperation between EU and Ukraine. Mr. Füle also added that both ambassadors, the ambassador of Ukraine in EU and the ambassador of EU in Kyiv, will meet on a regular basis, every week, to present the report about the steps made by Ukraine of its path to the Association Agreement with EU, which is expected to be signed in November 2013.

The information regarding the situation in Ukraine comes to European Council every week, and there is also the possibility to compare the reports. Mr. Füle also said that European Council has received recently the report regarding the situation in the relations between Ukraine and EU from Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara.

Mr. Füle expressed also in his interview with Interfax his disappointment regarding the recent media situation when after the official visit of Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister Andrey Klyuev to Brussels some Ukrainian media started to spread the information that the case of Yulia Tymoshenko was removed from the agenda of EU and that if there will be no results in the EU-Ukrainian relations, Ukraine will develop more deep connections with Russia. European Commissioner expressed his deep concern over the situation with some media sources in Ukraine and stressed that the issue of the selective justice and the political prisoners in Ukraine, including the case of imprisoned Yulia Tymoshenko, remains one of the main and most sensitive issues in the relations between Ukraine and EU and it is also one of the obstacles on the way of Ukraine to EU integration.

Mr. Füle also declared that European Commission will inform European Council about the readiness of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU to sign the document, when all the conditions of EU will be met and fulfilled by Ukrainian side. He also added that the future decision has actually technical character.

This decision is necessary for EU to have the time to give its estimation of the situation with Ukraine and its fulfillment of the conditions and requirements of EU and to make the official decision within the EU institutions, including the time necessary for all the official procedures.

This time was also chosen to guarantee that all the countries-members of EU will have enough time to study the situation in Ukraine before the Vilnius Summit to be held in November 2013 and to sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine if the result of the estimation will be positive.

Talking about the possible timeframes for taking the decision by EU European Commissioner stated that this could probably happen already in October 2013.

But of course the decision about signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU will depend of the steps made by Ukrainian authorities to fulfill the conditions and requirements stated by EU, declared Mr. Füle. He also expressed the hope that the work on the fulfillment of the criteria necessary for the signing of the Association Agreement could become the platform which will unite all the political powers and parties in Ukraine.