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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Egypt to start the operation for release of the kidnapped officers in Sinai amid the crisis between military and presidency

Egypt's military in Sinai Peninsula

The situation with the recently kidnapped Egyptian officers in Sinai remains tense. Seven officers of Egypt’s security personnel including military officer, two state security officers and four port security officers have been kidnapped by Sinai militants on Thursday, 16 May 2013, in Sinai and remain captive till now.

According to the statement of the spokesman of Egypt’s Minister of Interior issued during the press-conference on Tuesday, 21 May, the special military operation for the secure release of the kidnapped officers is expected to be launched any minute, with the latest details discussed.

In addition to that the statement also declares that the authorities have the details regarding the names of the kidnappers who are the members of Sinai based militant group.

There were also the earlier reports quoting the sources in Egypt’s Armed Forces that the elements of Egypt’s second and third armies which are the regional divisions will participate in the military operation to secure the release of the officers. But the statement also added that despite the fact that the military troops are deployed in the are the operation haven’t started yet as it requires better preparation.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy in his turn declared on Sunday, 19 May, that special operation to release the kidnapped officers will be launched and those responsible for the kidnapping will face the trial for this crime. The President also added that the country’s authorities will not allow some militant groups to blackmail the country.

Egypt’s Sinai region is among the most dangerous regions of Egypt nowadays with the deep economic, social and security crisis. The situation became worse after the January 2011 Revolution as numerous attacks against Egypt’s army and security personnel have taken place in the region.

The representatives of Egypt’s security forces are abducted by the militants in Sinai for the first time, although the kidnappings of the foreign tourists have become more and more often in the crisis region of Sinai.

Meanwhile the hostage crisis in Sinai caused deeper crisis between Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy and his government and Egypt's Armed Forces.