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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Egypt’s Judges Club plans to hold the emergency meeting regarding the judiciary crisis

Ahmed El-Zend, Head of Egypt's Judges Club

Egypt’s Judges Club, which is unofficial elected judicial body, has announced in its statements that it will hold the emergency meeting on Wednesday, 24 April, regarding the deep judicial crisis.

The members of the Judges Club warn that the attempts of the Islamist forces to amend the judicial authority law in order to “purge” Egyptian judiciary are in fact the attempts to limit the independence of Egyptian judiciary and to continue the so called “Brotherhoodisation” of the state’s institutions.

The planned emergency meeting is expected to be dedicated to the current judiciary crisis where the judges will discuss the proposed amendments to the judicial authority law and also recent critic of the judiciary by Muslim Brotherhood and accusations in corruption of the judges.

It’s worth mentioning that Islamist political parties and movements and their supports have held on Friday, 19 April, the massive protests demanding the “purge” of Egyptian judiciary and cleaning it from the corrupt elements from the previous regime and demanding the new judiciary law to be sent to Shura Council for discussions and approval.

The Islamists protests and their attempts to influence the state’s judiciary and to limit its independence met strong and sharp critic of the country’s oppositional forces including Egypt’s oppositional umbrella group National Salvation Front (NSF) and also the critic of the judges as well.

As a protests against the current events Egypt’s Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki has officially resigned on Saturday also criticizing the proposed judiciary reforms and complaining about the pressure on the judiciary and accusations made by the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s President, hails.

The emergency meeting of the Judges Club is expected to be attended by the members of the general prosecution, High Constitutional Court, State Council, administrative prosecution and the state’s lawsuit authority and by several judges as well, according to the statement of Ahmed El-Zend, the Head of the Judges Club. It was also added that the meeting could be attended only by the judges and by the representatives of media.

The emergency meeting will be held right on the eve of the meeting of Egypt’s Shura Council (Upper House of Parliament) where the MPs are expected to discuss the amendments to the judicial authority law.