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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Egypt: Protesters at Cairo’s Presidential palace clashed with the police forces

Friday's protests and clashes at the Presidential Palace

Dozens of the protesters gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday, 26April, have started their march to the Presidential Palace located in Heliopolis. They were reportedly backed by the masked men known in Egypt as a Black Bloc which opposes Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and the Islamist rulers.

The protesters and masked men tried to attack the Presidential Palace reportedly throwing the stones and Molotov cocktails and clashing with the police forces deployed in the area. Police has fired the tear gas in order to disperse the crowds and stop the violent clashes.

Protesters have also torched the police vehicle close to the Presidential Palace. 

The clashes have left at least 16 people injured according to the Health Ministry’s report.

Egypt’s police representatives have announced later that 15 people associated with the attacks against Presidential Palace this Friday have been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.