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Friday, April 5, 2013

Egypt: April 6th movement plans the protests on the day of the groups’ 5th anniversary

Egypt's 2011 protests which toppled Hosni Mubarak

Egypt’s prominent group April 6th Movement which played significant role in January 25 Revolution in 2011 which overthrown Egypt’s long standing leader Hosni Mubarak plans to mark the 5th anniversary with the mass protests against Egypt’s President and the current government.

According to the official statements of the organization made during the press conference of the group on Wednesday the rallies will be held on Saturday, 6 April, in Cairo and also in other Egyptian governorates as well.

This year’s even commemorating the 5th anniversary of the group will be rather more protest than celebration, stated the leaders of the movement. The rallies to be held on Saturday will express the protests against Mohamed Morsy and his Islamist-led government with its policies.
In addition to that several revolutionary and oppositional parties and political groups have also announced they will participate in the Saturday’s marches. These parties and groups include Free Egyptians Party, Constitution Party, Alliance of the Revolutionary Forces and others. The rallies are already called a “Day of Rage”.

April 6th movement representatives also announced that the group sees it as necessary action amid the continuing problems, deep economic, social and political crisis in the country and total failure of the current authorities to lead the country, resolve the problems and deliver the promises of the Presidential campaign along with the implementation of the revolutionary goals.

Regarding the planned marches the group also represented four key demands: dismissal of Egypt’s prosecutor-general, appointed by Mohamed Morsy, release of detained activists, respect and protecting of the dignity of the citizens and complete downfall of the regime include the government stepping down.

Egypt's April 6th Youth movemenet protesting
There are four major marches to be held in Cairo, according to the group’s plans. All of them will start in different Cairo’s districts and will meet at Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Additional rallies against Muslim Brotherhood’s and Morsy’s rule are also expected to be held in other Egyptian governorates, such as coastal city of Alexandria, Port Said, Mahalla, Minya and others as well.

The group’s leaders and representatives stressed also that there is a deep disappointment with the current policies of Mohamed Morsy, who was the first democratically elected President of Egypt and was supported by many, including members of April 6th Movement and many of those who turned against his policies now. Mohamed Morsy doesn’t represent all the Egyptians, added the group’s statement, and his policies and the policies of Muslim Brotherhood, from which he hails, have also failed.

Meanwhile Egypt’s government issued its statement regarding the planned marches on Saturday and urged the political and groups’ leaders and all the participants of the rallies to remain peaceful.