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Friday, March 22, 2013

Violent clashes erupted in Egypt’s Cairo during the anti-Brotherhood protests

Egyptians protesting at the Muslim Brotherhood's HQ

A few hundreds of anti-Brotherhood protesters have gathered today at the headquarters of the Islamist group situated in Cairo’s Mokattam after several oppositional and revolutionary political groups and parties have recently called for the demonstrations against the rule of Islamist group.

The groups joining the protests include Free Egyptian Party, Constitution Party, Egyptian Social Democratic party (all of them are also part of National Salvation Front) and others. Egypt’s influential organization April 6thYouth Movement has also taken part in the protests gathering in New Cairo, in front of the home of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsy, who hails from Muslim Brotherhood.

Anti-Brotherhood protesters started to gather near Mokattam headquarters of the Islamist group in the morning as the Muslim Brotherhood member in their turn have formed the human chains around the building in attempt to protect the building and the area in case of any violence and clashes.

Egypt's CSF in the area of the clashes
Hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters have been chanting against Muslim Brotherhood’s rule and attempts to usurp the power in the country and protested also against the violence which spread on Saturday and Sunday at the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters during the peaceful march when the protesters have been violently attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood members and later the crowd was dispersed by Egypt’s Central Security Forces which used tear gas against the protesters. Anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators have also condemned the clashes started by Muslim Brotherhood.

The Friday’s demonstrations currently taking place in Cairo turned violent in the afternoon when the anti-Brotherhood protesters and the Islamist group supporters started to clash in the neighboring street throwing stones at each other. The clashes have spread to the close areas and continue till now with the Muslim Brotherhood’s members chanting for implementation of Sharia Law in the country and against secularization and the anti-Brotherhood demonstrators chanting against the Islamist group’s rule.

Several headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and also in other Egyptian governorates as well have been attacked by protesters. The protests in the coastal city of Alexandria have reportedly turned violent after afternoon too. Protesters in Cairo have also attacked and torched bus transporting Muslim Brotherhood members to the Mokattam headquarters.

Clashes in Egypt during the anti-Brotherhood protests
Egypt’s Central Security Forces deployed in the area are shooting the tear gas and bird shots trying to disperse the crowds of the clashing supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and protesters. There were some reports about gun fire heard in the area, but it was unclear to whom it belonged.

The situation remains tense in the area with the protesters and Muslim Brotherhood members clashing between each other and the police forces shooting tear gas. Egypt’s Health Ministry reported about at least 34 injuries till now, most of the people suffered from the head injuries.
Meanwhile Egypt’s Ministry of Interior calls on all the political parties to avoid any violence and stressed the task of CSF is to provide security to the citizens and the state’s and individual property.

Latest updates:  According to the Health Ministry nearly 200 people have been injured as a result of the ongoing violent clashes at Mokattam, no casualties.