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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Israeli Intelligence claims chemical weapon has been used in Syria

Destruction in the Syrian streets

Israeli Intelligence service claims that the usage of the chemical weapons by the either sides of the conflict in Syria is clear, according to the official statement of Youval Steiniz who is the Minister of Israel’s Intelligence service.

It’s worth mentioning that there were numerous rumors and conflicting reports regarding the usage of the chemical weapons by the both sides of the escalating conflict before, the reports which were extremely concerning and worrying. US in its turn even declared that the possible usage of the chemical weapons in Syria is the “red line” and could be the reason of the foreign military intervention in the region as well as it is a threat to the security of Syrians and also the citizens of the neighboring countries.

The reports about the usage of chemical weapons in Syria came in the media on Tuesday, 19 March. Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad accused the rebels of using the chemical weapons, as the oppositional forces and rebels claims that the chemical weapon has been used by the Assad’s forces.

Israeli Intelligence in its turn confirmed the information regarding the usage of chemical weapon during an attack in the province of Allepo which is in the north of Syria. The death toll is 31 people at the current stage.

Israeli Intelligence’s Minister stated that this information is very worrying and is a threat to the security of the region. At the same time there is no information at the moment which side exactly used the chemical agents. It could be either rebel forces or the troops of  Bashar Al-Assad as well, so the Israeli Intelligence service.

Destroyed residential buildings in Syria
There is also conflicting and controversial information about the usage of chemicals weapon in Syrian Aleppo. Russia and Iran, who are known as supporters of Al-Assad’s regime, claim they have the evidences that the chemical weapon has been used by the rebels’ forces, while US, most of the Western and also Arab countries openly supporting the opposition in Syria stated that those accusations are totally baseless. In addition to that they warned Syrian regime that the usage of chemical weapons could have the consequences.

Meanwhile the situation in Syria remains extremely difficult amid the long military conflict between the supporters of Syria’s long standing leader Bashar Al-Assad and the rebels’ army and the oppositional forces which have been already recognized by the Western countries. The conflict started more than two years ago from the peaceful protests against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad on the wave of Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East. But later the situation escalated and the deep crisis turned into military conflict causing civil war in the country with tens of thousands people dead and hundreds of thousands injured. The numbers of Syrian refugees are growing with each day.