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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Egypt’s opposition calls for Friday protests against President and Prosecutor General

Leaders of Egypt's NSF

Egypt’s opposition and its umbrella group National Salvation Front (NSF) called for the Friday protests to be held in Cairo and also nationwide against Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and his policies and Egypt’s Prosecutor General.

The protest to be held on Friday, 29 March, are aimed to show the solidarity with oppositional and revolutionary political activists charged by Prosecutor General and accused for inciting violence during the clashes at the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Moqattam happened last weekend.

The official statement of the NSF group declared that Egyptian people should show the solidarity with those accused by the decision of Egypt’s Prosecutor General as this decision is actually counter-revolution. Oppositional and revolutionary groups’ representatives and activists also stated that such decisions and measures taken nowadays by the state’s authorities are selective and unfair and demonstrate injustice as only opposition is targeted. It’s worth mention that none of the Muslim Brotherhood’s members has been charged for inciting violence when the violent clashes happened in front of Presidential Palace in December 2012.

Egypt’s opposition accuses current Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah, appointed by Mohamed Morsy, of sympathizing Islamist group. The calls for the massive rallies have became a reaction on the arrest warrant issued by the Prosecutor General for the oppositional and revolutionary activists, including Alaa Abdel-Fattah.

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy
The canceling of the arrest warrants and protest against the selective justice in Egypt will be among the main demands of Friday’s rallies. In addition to that NSF and activists will also demand the dismissal of the current Prosecutor General and appointing the new one according to the terms of Egypt’s Constitution.

Friday’s rallies planned by opposition are expected also to protests against some of the policies of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and also against his recent comments warning the opposition. NSF declared that such comments are the threats against Egyptian people who will not allow the new dictatorship after January 25 Revolution. Opposition also holds Morsy and his administration and government responsible for the current crisis and accuses him of failing in delivering all of his promises while ruling the country.

According to the group’s statement the protests will be held in Cairo in front of the building of Cairo Supreme Court and also near the office of the Prosecutor General. Nearly 12 different political and youth groups and organizations are expected to participate in Firday’s protests, along with NSF.