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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Egypt’s opposition calls for Friday protests at the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters

Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo

Several Egyptian oppositional political groups and activists have called for the Friday protests to take place at the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood, situated in Mokattam. The oppositional activists claim this protests will be against Muslim Brotherhood’s and security forces’ attacks on the peaceful demonstrators which happened this weekend as the oppositional groups and activists have been protesting in front of Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters on Saturday.

Protesters have been reportedly attacked by the young members of Muslim Brotherhood, thus the violent clashes erupted in the area. Egypt’s security forces have been using teargas to disperse the crowd of protesters. The clashes repeated also on Sunday.

Oppositional activists and groups thus call for the Friday protests against Muslim Brotherhood’s reaction and provoking violence on Saturday. There are two demonstrations planned to take place on Friday, one of them is expected to be held in the area close to the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters, and the second one will be held right in front of the building, according to the activists. Both of the demonstrations will start after Friday noon prayer.

Several oppositional political parties announced they will participate in the protests. Those parties include Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Free Egyptians Party, Constitution Party and others which have condemned the Saturday’s and Sunday’s violence erupted between the Muslim Brotherhood member and anti-Brotherhood protesters.

Egypt’s oppositional groups have also set their demands which include the removal of the current Hesham Qandeel’s government, dismissal of the current Prosecutor General, who was appointed by Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy, and also investigation of the killing and injuring of the protesters during the latest clashes and justice for them. Those demands are likely to be included in the protests planned for Friday, 22 March.